Scorpio Horoscope Weekly From 6 to 12 March 2017

Scorpio Horoscope Weekly 6 to 12 March 2017

Work: Within the framework of material and spiritual growth there is the possibility and necessity of change. You will have to think well before committing any deception because there will be no possible explanation that can justify to your peers this act.

scorpio weekly horoscope

There may be definitive corporate separations. Do not ruin your opportunities, be flexible and understanding, it will help both at home and in business, it is not always convenient to win a discussion. As the Universe expects of you, to maintain universal harmony, to achieve your personal, spiritual and material growth, and to the joy of all. The communication will be altered and will lead to misunderstandings and great discussions at work, which will last almost the entire week.

Love: Do not think that you are always the masters of truth. Singles can make the decision more easily. In love you must open your heart and show your feelings. If you aspire to improve and harmonize the relationship and the family group will have to organize different walks outdoors or make the decision to make a small holiday. Positive energy and thrust, generosity and detachment, will and optimism, these are the tools to get ahead and the only door where all these virtues are is in the house of his harmonious being: material and spiritual. While singles during this week are at risk of being broken by third parties, under general conditions these natives will enjoy the calm of the home.

Health: Watch out for tears, sprains and cracks. This week will be prone to suffer, especially today. Try to prevent accidents at home or in the usual place of sports. To live the Present as what it is: a Divine gift of the Universe. Too much idealization can make you fall into disappointment. Mental health will be affected in this period. His insecurity will make him live this day in an incessant state of alarm that will not be anything healthy for his nervous system … He will arm his bags swiftly, can be for pleasure, business, studies, moving, health, motive this time is the least, If you have the opportunity to travel do it, be encouraged.

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