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Knowing the meaning of our names, our zodiac sign and the numbers that bring us luck is the best we can do if we want to be lucky in all aspects of our life and make it appear when we need it most.

Scorpio Luck Today

scorpio luck today

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For Scorpio, the lucky numbers are 4, 13, and 21. Knowing the meaning of each one of them is vital to knowing us better as people and seeking luck in the fields in which we need it.

The number 4 represents the order and the values. It shows that this is a practical person, with feet on the ground and with values that will not change easily. This is a number that is a combination of 4 and 9. Being with people who share this same number or who have 9 will be the best people with whom a Scorpio can have a nice relationship.

When we move to complex numbers, as in the case of Scorpio, we are moving to a more professional and less love-based terrain. In this case, we start with 13. 13 is the combination of certain characteristics of 3 and 1. Thus, we can say that these are people with strong critical sense and analysis, who do nothing without thinking twice, and they are usually people with a great personality. However, the con is that they can become vain and lose success in life for it. Thus, Scorpio must always have the number 13 in mind whenever he is going to do something related to work. In addition, these numbers are compatible with 2 and 5, as well as 6 and 8. This should also be taken into account when looking for partners to help us in business.

The last of the numbers we have for Scorpio is the 21st, mezcal of primaries 1 and 2. In this case, the two are compatible with 6 and 8 and show a person who, from time to time, likes to go out of the traditional and do something that others never believed would be possible to do. This is the number that will bring us luck in the economy. Therefore, we must make meetings, buy numbers, etc., on these days and in these combinations.
Today’s lucky numbers are 2, 15, 35, 36, 46, and 48.

The most intense sign of the horoscope, the one who lives with the passions in the skin, jealous and possessive, believes in a single fortune: that of loving and being loved. The natives of this sign are those who resort more frequently to amulets and talismans. What are the best services that lend themselves to these intense hearts?

The most effective amulets for those born under the sign of Scorpio are those that have to do with the earth, because their animal of power is the serpent. At the bottom of each native of this sign there is a rebellious soul who is willing to play Paradise by passion, and listen to the advice of the serpent, taking him wherever he leads. A Scorpio should always be accompanied by small figures or drawings of this animal. Avoid having a snake as a pet: these servitudes are not seen by the stars.

The Red-There is no question of what color is the best that makes a fortune for the natives of this sign: the red passion is the one that gives them the energy to get where they want to reach: the hearts of those who love. So the red must be an essential part of the clothing, furniture, and home of a native of this sign, and must bear it whenever it is faced with a difficult situation. The red will illuminate your path.

If a Scorpio wants luck to go with him, then he must carry a piece of genuine gold jewelry. Not only for its metallic properties and its beauty, gold symbolizes pacts and agreements, love that is consumed and trips that come to fruition. Whether it’s a ring, a pendant, or some other object, gold will cause Scorpio’s passionate passion to go to a specific goal and achieve what he wants. Gold is your best weapon in the battles of love.

Coral-The objects made of this material attract positive energies that help the Scorpio in their busy wandering from one passion to the other, from one desire to the next. There is a lot of sea, moon, and life in the memory of the coral: that concentration of forces gives the Scorpio the necessary impulse of one who wants to live dying of love. You can place a small piece of coral in your house or wear it as part of a pendant; the effect will be the same.

If, as a Scorpio, you want a living amulet, then this flower should be your choice. Sensual and at the same time serene, it has a singularly attractive space where it is placed and radiates at the same time an aura of passion and romanticism. This flower symbolizes what each native of this sign wishes for his life: a love full of meaning and maturity.

How to make a domestic lucky amulet for Scorpio?

Summon your protective animal, the snake, by making a small garden of sand. All you need is a metal container (it can be a basin or an open box) and to fill it with sand and rocks from a natural environment. Then, with a branch, draw a snake in the center of the sand: you must do it. You can place it next to your door, and no evil will enter your house.

Those born under Pluto have that mixture of strength, hardness, and passion, something that characterizes them and makes them feel in front of others. They are a sign full of sensuality and attractiveness, so they are very magnetic for other people, even if they do not propose it that way. It is important for Scorpio to always be honest. They do not walk around, and they always need others to be with them.

They are a water sign, so they are often more transparent than the majority, even going so far as to say truths that they often repent of, but never publicly. Scorpio belongs to the eighth house of the zodiac, which gives it a hardness that is quite attractive in the eyes of others.

Because its ruler is Pluto, the colors that adorn the heart of Scorpio are related to the color red, this being the color of passion and also courage.
The heart of Scorpio is always prepared to face any problem that comes to him, because everything that they do is with passion and with tenacity. Scorpio carries great sexual potency inside, so it is not strange that the red color is the one that gives you more luck and the one that can wear it with elegance when it needs to be noticed.

Although Scorpios do not need to wear expensive clothes or carry an expensive car to show the world, they shine in a way that few do. Red also represents fury, and it is not strange to see Scorpio unleash all that is inside him when he is facing some problem or when he sees that someone is committing an injustice to someone he wants and admires.

The color brown is also part of the life of Scorpio, so it will always be a good idea to dress the walls of your house or room with these close to brown shades. If Scorpio wants to enjoy all the energy that causes the red color or coffee in his life, he can eat foods related to this color. Strawberries and chocolate have a great effect on the lives of scorpions, so if someone wants to lose all the passion of a Scorpio, a romantic dinner with all these ingredients will always be a good idea and a great way to seduce the mystical Scorpio.

Being of the eighth house relates to Scorpio with death, but not as something negative, but to its capacity to mutate and to change at will. It is in this place that another of the colors that has relation with Scorpio, the black, or also called the absence of color, but not as something negative, but as a touch of distinction and elegance. Scorpios can look a lot better dressed in black. Whether going to an event or on a romantic date, black will always be a good tonality for scorpions.

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