Scorpio Monthly Horoscope February 2017

Horoscope Scorpio February 2017 and its predictions

This month of February the Scorpio most important: work and happiness. Lucky numbers: 3-9-27.

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Scorpio love February 2017

You will be especially happy this month and the second fortnight more. In love and with your life. It seems that the two eclipses can not spoil this joy that you will feel despite the changes. You will feel in love and behave in a very passionate way with your partner.

Scorpio work February 2017

At work you will have very easy to present a new project, to set up a meeting and raise something new, to publish a controversial topic. Because everything will go forward successfully.

The negative point are the unexpected changes that will be presented the company in which you work, in which you can greatly affect: schedules, job, boss.

Scorpio money February 2017

Money will regulate you. If you have to do something important with the money, make it during the first week. Then spend as little as possible and do not invest in anything. It would not do you any good.

Family Scorpio February 2017

Watch out for your family! Danger of accidents. Do not let them play risky sports. The calmer they stay at home, the less things can happen to them. If you have older parents, take care especially this month. Children need you, because of personal problems. You must guide them.

Scorpio health February 2017

Health will be good. You do not have to worry. Keep up with your routine, a balanced diet and daily exercise.

Scorpio studies February 2017

College students will be with ideas changed. You will realize that you are not doing what you really want and you will change your career or university or some subjects.