Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

This month of April for Scorpio will be changeable and very social. The most important thing will be health, love, social life. The lucky numbers for April: 1-2-7-8-9-11-12-18-19-27-28.

Some situations of instability appear although they will be temporary. They can affect mainly the economy and even more so the world of work. The paternal family moves to provide support to those of you with more limited resources. The need to make a trip may appear that would help a lot in a problem that you currently have or that will manifest itself during the first days of the month. That trip would be made from the 23rd.scorpio april 2021 monthly horoscope

The moon is on the 23rd. If you have to travel, it is recommended to do so on the days around the lunation or just after it. Do not pay attention to strange dreams that you will surely have, they are caused by fears and doubts and are not premonitions of what is going to happen. Avoid superfluous expenses.

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Love will be very important of the month. If you have a partner, the relationship will go from strength to strength, and love, intimate relationships, and romance will be present and will fill you with joy and happiness. If you’re single, you can wreak havoc when you party. You will be super attractive to the opposite gender and they will go after you. You will have a choice.

The harmonious environment at home except if your partner is Sagittarius or Capricorn. In this case, and even for external reasons, the relationship can become somewhat suffocating. It is recommended to support the couple as much as possible to avoid greater evils. Bad month for those of you who are without a stable partner, because the planets block new relationships or those that are made will be with totally incompatible people.

social life1
Friends and fun will be very important too. Confinement, or at least the closure of restaurants and nightclubs, has had us without that fun for a long time, which helps us disconnect from our obligations and relate to each other. This makes us thirsty to go out, to talk with people, with friends, to have fun and to flirt with the opposite gender, although there is no problem because your case will do it.

This April will appear several job offers. The world of work is moving. If you don’t have a job, start doing interviews, because some of them are going to catch you. If you are already working you will be fine. You will start to have more work. Also, it is a month in which work and social life go hand in hand. This means that if you want your work or your business to go well, you will have to relate and find good opportunities in the recreational life and business people, who move there.

If you are looking for work related to mechanics and electricity, you will see your efforts crowned with success. On the contrary, communication, travel, and social relationships will not be favorable and it is very difficult for you to get a job. As for the other professions, they will be more neutral, but with a bias of difficulty to succeed. If you have in mind to change companies, you better postpone it for a better time.

Money and Luck
You will not lack money, but you will not swim in abundance either. So don’t spend it all on the fun. Be thrifty for now, because it will cost you a lot to win. It will not be easy for you. In business or at work, things don’t flow. Next month you will be better.

For those of you who do not depend on a salary, the activity will be similar to that of the previous month, although a small decrease may be noticed as the end of the month approaches, this will be temporary and next month it will be compensated. It is advisable to be very careful if you are offered a partnership with someone from the couple’s family who is experiencing some need. Take good care of the subject and pay attention to your instinct, it will not fail you. Your entry into the business could likely cause serious interference in the same, which would be difficult to resolve. Perhaps helping that person find a job or even lending him money directly can better resolve the issue. This would also be very determining if that person is Sagittarius or Capricorn.

Family and Friends
It will be a month in which you will not have problems with the family. They love and support you. You know it and you feel happy. At home, you feel comfortable and happy. You love talking to your parents and siblings, exchanging ideas.

Health will be the most important thing this month because so much planetary movement will tire you and you will need to rest more than usual. You will be sleepy and you will not feel like exercising. It is the opportune moment, to massage yourself and rest. It would not be bad if you will walk, even if it was only for a little while, to give you the air. From the last week of the month, it will be easier for you to gain weight. Be careful what you eat!

Tendency to mental instability due to inner doubts that can lead to nervousness and sadness. Allergic sensitivity and mild digestive problems.

Study and exchange
This month of April will be good for the student. The tranquility in which we live, due to mobility restrictions due to the Pandemic, makes you have more time to study, knowing that you are not missing anything. Which makes you more focused and you will get very good grades.