Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for April 2022

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for April 2022

This is a month that, from the beginning, will ask you to pay attention to your work environment and the type of projects in which you put your energy and time to grow. From April 3 and throughout the first weeks of the month, you can have a conversation that allows you to discover important information that fills you with new and fresh ideas to turn your business or work project around.

If you have a project underway, you may feel motivated to move forward with it or have an answer. Especially if you are the one who contributes ideas, you are the spokesperson, or if your vision is what shapes this project. Take advantage of the energy available between April 4 and 10 to receive answers.scorpio monthly horoscope for april 2022


Your horoscopes for April predict the moment of changes in your workplace, or the turns that lead you to explore a new lifestyle begin after April 11, since the new moon of that day invites you to undertake something different. and new. Please take advantage of its energy to revolutionize your routine, change habits and make your day-to-day more efficient and productive.

On April 14, a period of three weeks begins in which your desire to generate beauty and harmony from the hand of someone else increases significantly. It is the year in which you will feel more focused on healing, resolving, and understanding what you want in a love relationship to feel full and very much in love.

If you are single, you can take advantage of the second half of April to meet someone new or for love reconciliations, but remember to bet on something that brings joint growth.

This same energy gains strength after April 19, when both the Sun and Mercury enter this same area of your chart and lead you to have talks, dialogues, and even negotiations, which involve being honest, opening your heart, and discovering what you need to do to recover the balance within your history as a couple.

For some of you, this cycle can bring an unexpected event or news from your partner, and with it, the relationship is tested to see if you can handle the rest of the story or if it is better to give yourself some time to decide.

On April 20, a period of five days begins that favors you a lot to overcome any difficulty or problem around your career plans or professional success. It is an ideal stage to act and make things turn in your favor. Use these days to talk to your boss, supervisor, or any person in authority who needs to give you the go-ahead.

Your ideals, ethical and moral sense, and maybe the reasons you get involved in an argument or a lawsuit throughout April. Especially after the 23rd, which is when your inner fire can be stirred up when listening to someone who is dishonest or who tries to make fun of your intelligence in a certain way.

Closing the month, your 2022 full moon will shine. The one wants to let you know that what you started near your birthday last year is ready to be harvested. This moon occurs on April 26, so the last days of the month are to discover which projects, relationships, and ideas are ready for the second phase of the plan and which ones are better finished.

Pluto will begin to retrograde on April 27. Although this topic corresponds more to May, do not forget that this cycle comes to show you the importance of your words and decrees in the manifestation of your reality. What we say always comes back to us like a boomerang.

This month of April for Scorpio will be a fun and happy month. Have a good time! The most important thing will be love, social life, family, and health. Lucky numbers for April: 1-2-8-9-17-18-20-25-26.

In love, you will do rather badly. If you have a partner, you will live a month with a lot of instability, and you will go through a great crisis, especially during the solar eclipse on the 30th. 6 days before and 6 days after, things will get very tense. Be careful, control yourself, and do not enter all the fights that arise because you could break up.

Even so, you start a very romantic stage, and if you break up, you will immediately find love again. If you are alone, it is a month in which you will find love. It will be a month full of social life, romance, and seduction. You will be very successful with the opposite gender and have a great time.

Social life will be very active. You will want to go out, and you will not lack invitations. You will connect a lot. You will meet new people and have a great time. You will live some broken relationships.

The job will go well for you. There will be changes in your work, especially 6 days before the solar eclipse on the 30th and 6 days after. They will be positive changes, which will improve your work. If you are out of work this month, you can find what you want.

Economically you will do very well. You are in a flourishing period, in which money will come in easily, and you will be very intuition to invest. If you have enough money, it would be a good idea to invest.

Your home and family will be fine. Being breathes a good atmosphere, but there is a danger of accidents. Watch out for the car! Advise them to drive carefully, so nothing happens to them. It is not advisable to do risky sports for the same reason. You will be worried about your parents’ health, especially if they are older.

Your health will be regular. You’re going to feel out of shape, and you’ll have to take care of yourself. Rest more and sleep your hours, to go up and feel more energetic. It would be very important for you to change your lifestyle. You should eat healthier, play sports daily, and get massages if you feel tired and contractured. Your body responds very well.

You’re going to have a good month with your studies. You will organize yourself very well, and it will be very easy for you to start studying. You will be focused, and time will give you a lot. You can play sports and meet friends without a problem.