Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Scorpio love August 2020
This is a good month for love. Venus in Cancer since August 8 and a very good Mars in transit through Aries, therefore in the sixth house, indicate that the sentimental sector is very good and is good both for lonely hearts and for those who already have a person by your side to love.

A good moment for feelings, and that Mars that asks to renew its wardrobe, its appearance, its clothing, allows it to be very effective in the courtship of a person. In this month several adventures are also probable little sentimental but perhaps full of eroticism and if it seems good to you then rejoice.scorpio august monthly horoscope 2020

Attention in these couple relationships that in the past have had to suffer some complication, a blocking moment, because heaven does not favor a net recovery and therefore it is necessary to be very attentive to the way you act, speak, the requests you make to the couple.

On August 7, Venus will enter Scorpio House IX, which for singles of the sign can represent a strong attraction to someone belonging to the academic environment or another culture (Eros in House IX, from 07/12, reinforces this trend).

However, the presence of retrograde Neptune in House V of the sign of the stinger, suggests that there may be exaggerated expectations about a possible relationship, or that the idealization of the object of effects, prevents from really knowing it.

For Scorpio couples, the onset of Uranus’ apparent retreat in House VII (08/15) involves differences and discussions with the life partner and even unexpected breakups.

However, if together with your partner (or partner) they have found the balance between independence, trust, and commitment, within the relationship, they will be able to take advantage of the season to redefine common goals and deepen the dialogue (North Node in House VIII).

Scorpio work and money in August 2020
It is not easy to work and above all to obtain several professional successes as well as economic ones in this month because we have a Mercury that between August 6 and 20 becomes much more complicated and to be square to its Natal sun, could lead to non-positive, nebulous agreements.

Be careful, in these few weeks, not to give your trust to people you don’t know very well, but rather to postpone any decision if you are not so sure. Fortunately, if your work is physically very hard, that Mars offers a lot of energy, but since it is a vacation period, you can take advantage of them in love, in romance, for example, involving your partner in situations that can be unusual.

With Jupiter in sextile with the zodiac sign Capricorn, it is also likely to make an exciting encounter with a person who will make your heart pound. Love, for some of you, is very close.

Finances will remain stable for the natives of Scorpio, in August 2020. Although the presence of the North Node in House VIII of the sign, points to family investments (or with associates), to consolidate the common heritage and stability economic of those involved.

In the workplace, Mars in House VI of the stinger sign will hold squares with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24) retrograde in House III of the sign, so it is recommended to avoid as much as possible make professional presentations, without being well prepared and aware of the pros and cons of the proposals on the table.

This configuration also warns of mishaps on business trips, transfers, or during participation in congresses, seminars, workshops, and courses. Recall that Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are retrograde in House III, so there must be a process of revision of the internal dialogue, the mental structure, and the way of exposing ideas.

In this sense, the apparent backward movement of Neptune in the Fifth House of Scorpio reinforces this trend, inviting us to evaluate the conditions of old creative projects (for the creation of new initiatives, problems of concentration and mental blockages may arise).

Despite these circumstances, from 04 to 19 August, Mercury will be visiting House X of Scorpio, a transit that fosters the projection of the subject’s professional image, and the updating of the network of labor contacts.

Note: the fact that Venus enters your House IX on 08/07, particularly benefits the dissemination of the job profile, and the interaction with potential employers, through social networks.

In the same way, the New Moon in Leo on 08/18 will take place in the X House of Scorpio, translating into interesting (and novel) work proposals, or the possibility of undertaking a solo professional path; as long as you trust your abilities to overcome the challenges (Chiron retrograde in house VI).

The trigons that Mars in House VI of Scorpio will star with the Sun (08/16) and Mercury (08/17) while in House X of the sign, will give a positive boost to the native’s professional career, and your job goals. If you have a growth plan or strategy in this area, the results will be even more favorable.

Later, when Mercury and the Sun move to House XI of the sign of the sting (on 19 and 22/08 respectively), the emphasis will be on collective projects, teamwork, and the connection with your dreams and aspirations personal.

The transits on your XI House are the perfect allies to ask yourself if the place where you are in the present is aligned with your macro plan; and ask for advice (or moral support) from your trusted friends and colleagues, with more experience.

Another astrological aspect to consider, during this time of year, is the opposition between Mercury in House XI and Neptune retrograde in House V, on 08/30. This alignment alludes to creative differences with the work team; However, you can get the best out of it by brainstorming and giving equal value to everyone’s contributions (respect).

Finally, for the students of the sign, the entrance of Venus in the IX House of Scorpio (07/08), indicates a predilection for activities of an artistic nature, and those contents that are linked to your true passions.

Scorpio luck August 2020
If we look at the planet Jupiter, but also Venus, of course, the planet of small fortune, we can confirm that this astrological moment is interesting from unexpected events that may occur.

The climate around you is positive and you collect good optimism, great confidence that also allows you to receive positive events from your destination, beneficial in all areas of your life. Physically they are not so exhausted, although summer is always a very stressful period.

It is true that this square Saturn begins to make you feel its heaviness and asks you to be more concentrated and mature, but that Jupiter improves the mood, brings fake events, and changing part of your existence is possible if you think carefully about the steps to follow. The astrological moment is also very important for travel. Thanks to a short trip to an unusual place, you can have more luck.

In August 2020, there will be no major changes in the physical state of the Scorpion’s sons and daughters. However, it is suggested to maintain moderation in the effort dedicated to sports practices, training sessions, and therapy sessions.

I present to you that Mars in the VI House of Scorpio will hold squares with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24) retrograde in the III House of the sign, so there is a strong contradiction between what you want (or expect) to do, and what you can do, under current conditions.

In the same way, the presence of Lilith and retrograde Chiron in House VI of the sign of the sting, create resistance to abandon old habits or listen to instructions from third parties, even when it is at the expense of their well-being.

The fact that Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are in apparent backward movement in the House III of Scorpio, is an opportunity to reflect, change the mental framework, and understand that the ideas of others are valid, and capable of providing solutions to your questions.

Attention: three retrograde planets in House III, suggest a certain susceptibility to ailments of the respiratory system and the throat, especially those of a chronic or hereditary nature. Caution is advised.

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