Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

This month of February for Scorpio will be calm and reflective. The most important thing will be family, love, and health. The lucky numbers for February: 4-5-13-14-20-21-23-24.

Love will be fine for you, but you will be quite closed in on yourself. Memories of the past will return to your memory, either about your current partner or about an ex of yours, which will make you rethink certain aspects of your relationship. It will be good for you because you will value more what you currently have or you will be able to realize something that is not going well and you can change it.scorpio monthly horoscope for february 2021

For February of this new year, the stars bring to the natives of the sign of Scorpio abundant movement in the sphere of family and emotional life. They will be extreme days for many scorpions who will feel that a point in the history of the family has arrived in which nothing will be as it was before.

Most of the month they will struggle with their need for freedom and the imposition of their own ideas within the sphere of coexistence. If they are in a marriage, it will be necessary to implement coexistence techniques in which mutual respect prevails for each other’s personal spaces, learn to tolerate the other’s tastes and choices even if they are opposite to their own, and spend more time in which they can enjoy life together without so many obligations. The last week of the month love could arrive for those natives who are alone.

Social Life
It is a quiet month in terms of social life. With the Pandemic and the restrictions, your social life will be very limited and you will occupy your time in other types of leisure. Your intellectual life will benefit from it.

Work will not be the most important thing. It will be a month in which you will continue with your normal work rhythm, but without changes or new projects. The worst week for the professional affairs of the natives of the sign of the scorpion this February will be the second because during the course of those days the stars tilt the energy in the direction of the home and it will be very difficult for you to dedicate yourself with efficiency and control to your on the contrary, you could be with little inner availability and too many worries will divert all your attention to matters that have nothing to do with the profession.

If you are one of those natives who are developing a business, friction with partners or close associates of the company could drain your energy and steal your daily joy. The best days of February about work will be from the 19th when the Sun enters the sign of the element Water, Pisces, and favors all your businesses to finish realizing many of your aspirations when Mercury turns direct on the 21st of this month.

Money and Luck
With the money, you will be fine. You are going to be very lucky with money. You could get the Lottery on 8-9-10-11, so buy a Game of Chance during those days. You could be pleasantly surprised.

Family Life
The family will be the most important thing for you this month. You must maintain harmony and constructive dialogue between your family members. Do not forget that your emotional balance is the engine of your life and you get it from family well-being. You need to feel protected or loved by them, so take care of them!

Health and your emotional balance are always important to you. Until the 17th you will have to take care of yourself. You will have low energies and it is recommended that you rest enough. Baths with mineral salts and massages feel very good, Especially this month and due to the astrological configuration, you will evolve psychologically. Memories of the past will come to mind, which will make you compare and analyze your current life.

You won’t have big worries about your health as long as you can keep your nerves at bay. The natives of the third decan are more exposed than the rest of the scorpions to suffer accidents inside the home.

If you are a student you will do better. By not being able to go out with your friends and stay up late, you will be more rested and you will have more time for study. In a way, this situation of Pandemic and semi-confinement benefits you in this regard.

By Mary Emma

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