Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

This month of January for Scorpio will be a month with great luck and concern for the family. The most important things of the month: family, money, health, and work. The lucky numbers for January: 3-4-7-8-16-17-23-24-26-27.

Scorpio loves and feels with great intensity. His problems: obsession and jealousy. The great virtue of him, the depth. His great flaw, the possessiveness, and control that he often shows. With the Sun transiting Capricorn he will seek clarity, perseverance, practical thinking, as well as seriously approaching all the matters of his life. This energy will also transfer her to the plane of the couple relationship, which she will seek to order again based on a firm commitment.scorpio monthly horoscope january 2021

But, with the transit of Venus, it will not be easy to consolidate it. She will have ups and downs, instability, and a certain lightness when it comes to taking the bond more seriously. It is rare for you but it will happen. You will seek to possess the other, but you will also find that your relationship is not up to what you need. Take advantage of the beneficial transit of Mars to go after your true wishes. He will give you the loving energy that you lack.

Determined to increase their income, the natives of Scorpio will focus all their efforts on achieving this goal. Jupiter and Mars will combine their influences and make Scorpios approach this goal an elusive fool for many, but not for them. From the second part of the month, Mercury will harass them, hence it will be time to focus on what they have in hand before committing more. In love, the difficulties that will be generated in the domestic sphere will detract from their enthusiasm and damage the romantic bonds.

In love, you will be regular. If you are in a relationship, it will be a bad month for you. There will be a lot of instability in the couple. As soon as you will be arguing, as the next day you will be fine. Better not argue and let the month pass as it is and quickly. If you are single, you will do very well. You will go out a lot, you will be very successful with the opposite gender and you will not stop going out, every day with a new person. You will be delighted!

Thanks to the energy that Mars will radiate, you will live a month full of emotions and intensity, passion, desires, intimacy. He will feel comfortable surrendering to the bond, although at times his partner will also feel dominated and controlled. But, Venus is going to test the structure and strength of that commitment. She must work on her self-esteem and security. To do this, she must learn to give in by finding in herself the sense of freedom, which will give greater strength to the relationship.

Love will offer surprises to these children of Pluto. With Taurus, disagreements and reconciliations will frame your romance throughout January. This child of Venus will not give in to Scorpio’s demands that are against his nature.

On the other hand, with Cancer, an eroticism without conditioning will be an outstanding note, which will make the bond stronger. The situation will be reversed in the relationship with your Scorpio soulmate. Arguments will threaten the bond. On the other hand, the friendship with Capricorn, born in the workplace, will become an enduring romance.

This month of January you will find yourself with the possibility of planning your work and professional future, rather than drowning in hard work. It will be a quiet month, in which you can think about your projects and set goals for yourself. When you have clear ideas, it is much easier later to start them and develop them successfully.

The beginning of the year 2021 can be a very convenient time if you choose to train, take courses, and update your knowledge applied to work. It has the Sun in Capricorn and the power of Mercury most of the month, favorable energy to think seriously and to strive in matters of the mind. On the other hand, if you were to engage in academic or scientific research work, you could receive financial gain. Mars will give you the energy of action, drive, and confidence necessary for success.

Gemini will value the wise advice of their Scorpio partner and take it into account to professionalize. In return, they will put at their disposal their ability to interact and expand the number of contacts in the environment where they carry out their activities. With Leo, there will be a clear division of tasks. While his partner will devise the strategies, Scorpio will be in charge of putting them into practice. Libra will awaken mixed appreciations in this child of Pluto. On the one hand, she will be bothered by his lack of dynamism and on the other, she will value the harmonious relationship that she maintains with the work environment.

Money and Luck
In January, your economy will be doing great. You will earn more money than usual, but the best thing is that you will have a saving mentality and you will dedicate yourself to saving for your future. It is time to invest, thinking about the future. Your intuition will be infallible, but the best thing is that you will be conservative and prudent. If you have, invest! On 28-29-30 you could win in the Lottery. Play! Your parents could give you some extra money.

Family and Friends
In January you will be focused on family and your home. They are the ones that give you the emotional balance, which you need so much. You will spend more time than usual, but you won’t mind. It will be important for you to be with them and experience the warmth of home.

Your health will be very good, but it will be essential that you sleep your hours, to give your body time to regenerate and regain the energy you usually have. All this is due to the excesses, which you will have done during the Holidays. Now it’s time to recover and rebuild.

This month of January will be the time to focus seriously on your studies if you want to get good grades and advance positively in your studies. As soon as you try, you will get it. Cheer up!

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