Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

This month of July for Scorpio will be a month of personal success and prosperity. The most important thing will be work, social life, and love. The lucky numbers for July: 1-2-8-9-10-18-19-21-26-27.

This will be one of the most important months of the year and it is convenient for you to be with the five senses. First of all, you have professional matters, your social life, and your aspirations for the future, something that I have already mentioned in the past and that you should review. That is where many things can move, now with the simultaneous transit of Mars and Venus.scoprio monthly horoscope for july 2021

Around the Full Moon on the 24th, everything indicated above could begin to reactivate in a very special way. It will be very important that you pay special attention to your lifestyle and family life. You also have very favorable transits for creativity and the development of new projects, also for the aforementioned studies and trips.

You are very interested in starting your imagination, also your intuition. You will have the chance to dream big and raise your standards. If you do it well, it will be a good opportunity to progress, and a key issue for family matters.

In love, it will be good for you if you have a partner. It will be a month in which you will want to live calmly and without problems. You need sentimental stability, to be able to face your professional life successfully. If you are single, Julio will be very busy for you. You will be attracted to important people, powerful entrepreneurs … people who can benefit you in some way in your profession. You are attracted to these types of people.

Certainly, in a love life, something does not go your way. It is certainly the fault of the two planets in Leon, Venus, and Mars, which are the two planets that are normally analyzed to talk about love, to understand how the sentimental situation can go. Having this contemporary square means having to fight to make yourself understood by the couple, to get from him what you want but how much fatigue and how many difficulties in dialogue and in expressing your feelings, of those emotions that cannot come from the heart as you can. would like.

Therefore, it is not a very simple moment, but fortunately with the second part of July, just after the 22nd, the weather improves little by little and if they have not done too much damage in the report, everything will be able to find a good solution, but of course very calmly. It’s hard to avoid some fights, but if they do, they are very strong people.

Social Life
Social life will be through your friends and your work relationships. It is going to be a very socially active month. You will go from dinner to lunch and start over. Some of your work relationships will become your friends.

Work and profession will go very well and it will be a month of a lot of work, but also of many successes. Everything works out and goes well. Everything you can think of doing will be well done and you will feel satisfied.

After July 11 comes the support of Mercury of the zodiac sign Cancer but this is not enough to say that everything will go well and you will make progress in your life. Jupiter is the most influential planet for you in this period and especially for those who were born in the third decade. Indeed, passing through the zodiac sign Pesci, you could give many, many small opportunities or even a great professional opportunity that for some reason had eluded you in the past.

So take advantage of the first part of July to work very carefully on every detail of a project and then after the first 10 days, you will be able to reap good fruits. Even money could satisfactorily increase in your pockets. This stage is also good enough to buy a new house, to sell one that you own, or to invest a quantity of money in a future project.

Money and Luck
Money is good for you. Business is improving and the economy is improving. You will feel more secure and you will not have liquidity problems. You will live in peace!

During this year the transits of Jupiter in the zodiac sign Pisces will be a pair and precisely in this month, the planet will be in trine with its natal Sun, bringing events that in some cases could be really very beneficial, positive, fortunate. In fact, if you have been able to sow well in recent months that have not been easy anyway, now you will be able to enjoy very good news, to increase your profits but keep an eye on that Mars and that Venus in León, fortunately not during all the month, which deceive and weaken the physique, the organism, risking being distracted on many occasions.

It is not the ideal time to get out of a love disappointment or to recover after a physical or psychological discomfort but in the meantime that Jupiter is a great support and you will fall on your feet in any situation. As for the trips with Saturn in Aquarius, avoid those that are too stressful and long.

Family and Friends
Your home will be the weak point of the month. There will be problems in your family, breakdowns, and impediments. This is where you should focus and pay attention to everything that is happening. Your parents will have a health problem and you should pay attention to them. There will be times when you will feel depressed.

Your health will be fine, but you will feel very tired. You will have to rest more, sleep more hours and take life more calmly. You work a lot and your body accuses it. It would be important that you go for a walk every day. Your energies would rise and you would sleep better.

Good month for studies. You will be able to concentrate easily and your final exams will be a success. You will feel satisfied with yourself.

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