Scorpio Monthly Horoscope November 2019

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope November 2019

This November for the Scorpio horoscope will be happy. The most important thing will be: pamper yourself and enjoy money, love, health. Lucky numbers for Scorpio in November: 6-7-8-9-16-17-24-25-26.

Venus tends this month to increase your appetites of all kinds and invites you to openly express your desires! Magnetic and gourmet, you will have a power of attraction that could serve your lovers but also make you want to spend a little (too much) your money to please you! If you keep the sense of limits, guide your energies wisely, including putting a brake on your greed and some claims may be a little peremptory, you will enjoy the waves of the month Scorpio Friend to close debates engaged last month to your advantage and finish the month in peace!scorpio horoscope for the month of November 2019

In love and money go hand in hand. You will feel very lucky and happy to have the partner you have. You will fill it with gifts. In addition, the level of complicity is high and you empathize a lot, so you will plan to start a business together. If you are single, you are having fun and you will probably find a new partner. You will have a crush and fall at his feet. But remember, you like intelligent and intellectual people. Do not get carried away by physical attraction alone!

As a couple, you do not necessarily go through very quiet time and you certainly wonder about the place of everyone (especially yours) in the duo! No more to merge but to recover more freedom, not to depend too much on the other! Try in November (24th) to explain your needs without getting upset, but do not get caught at all costs or prevent the other person from speaking out if you do not want the relationship to slip. Do not rush anything and bet on a more open and calm communication on the 28th to find a solution that respects the desires of both if possible!

Single, be careful this month not to scare everyone (and especially someone on whom you would have viewed) by demonstrating or even claiming a little too obvious your desire to live free or at least to create links in which you do not owe anything (or not much) to the other. Not sure that you put the forms on the 24th where you will meet then probably difficulties in your exchanges. You would be better inspired and especially more diplomatic on the 28th where you will undoubtedly have more chance to hit the mark.

Work and your profession will be good for you. They will follow the same pace as last month. You will not have to worry. If you had to change something, you already did it last month, so now it’s your turn to develop the issues without major concern. Your focus will be elsewhere.

Family and Home
The house and family will be great. At home, there is an enviable well-being and harmony. Of course, you share with them your economic bonanza and give them many more whims and a better standard of living. In addition, your parents, your friends, and your contacts support you. Everyone without knowing why will think of you to support and benefit you.

Money and Luck
November is going to be a very prosperous month for the Scorpio. You’re on a roll and money comes in very easily. You will feel lucky and privileged to have this economic level and to be able to live so well. You could start a business with your partner, which will be very profitable.

Health will be very good, self-esteem and self-confidence very high and you will pamper yourself. Your happiness and your desire to live life to the fullest, will make you take care of yourself much more, give you pleasure by going to the beauty salon, to the masseuse, to buy you new clothes … You will have an even better image and you will feel special.

Social Life
Social life will be very active and successful. You have a great magnetism, which attracts all kinds of people, women, and men. You will make new friends, moved by your enormous communicative power, by the type of conversations you have and how interesting you are. You will attend talks, conferences, seminars … Alternative, spiritual and esoteric. Be careful with your temper! Control your genius, because you could face it without need.

If you are a student you will do well, but you will have to work hard to study. It will be a month of so much fun, that you will disperse easily and you will have to have a lot of willpower, to be able to concentrate. You will attend talks, seminars and Alternative therapies.

By Mary Emma

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