Scorpio Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

This October for Scorpio you will have the possibility to make the changes that you want and need successfully, for your benefit. The lucky numbers for October: 6-7-9-10-15-16-17-18-26-27. The future is extremely interesting and attractive, like a magnet. Also, it is very difficult to characterize our attitude to him unequivocally: then we try to find out about him, then we are afraid of any information about him. However, more often we show interest than a denial that is why horoscopes are the most popular among them, the language that the stars speak to us about the future. A variety of horoscopes on love, finances, money, family, health in October 2020 for Scorpio, read below.

You will enjoy a pleasant and harmonious month in October. Few but the best is the motto that applies when it comes to his friends. And throughout October, you will feel comfortable with Gemini, Virgo, and Libra, while with Pisces you will have to take place some rough edges. In love, Taurus will understand that the time has come for her lover to settle down and, therefore, adopt a definition. With Cancer, the good communication that once existed will be restored. Both will redouble their commitment to a relationship full of romanticism. Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn will be your best partners in the workplace. Lean on these natives and you will benefit.scorpio monthly horoscope of october 2020

In October, many ghosts of the past will be left behind and a sweet, joyous climate, in which love and beauty are possible, will finally prevail in their tormented lives. Venus and Mercury in Scorpio will make you feel in love with life, intelligent, ready to communicate with all beings in this world with the naivety of a child. Until the 20th in love affairs, everything will be possible, from that date onwards Venus will favor economic issues, but will no longer put so much emphasis on Scorpio finding his ideal partner. It will also be a month of October with a lot of social life, in which friends will play a preponderant role.

Scorpio Astrology October 2020
In love, Scorpio needs to prove himself. He is always looking for a challenge and is attracted by what is not seen with the naked eye. In life experiences, he dies many times to be born again stronger. Finally, Venus will finish bothering him, with the long square from Leo. Now, you will enter Virgo, joining Mars and Jupiter, which together will make this month a sweet and relaxed time. You will feel invaded by a very different energy. You will find your certainties back, whether in the world around you or within yourself. You will feel a true power, with great force and very passionate, reliving love with a total impulse, which will not leave out any nuance, sentimental or erotic. It is time for significant results and success. Thanks to Jupiter, you will leave behind the concerns of the recent past. Wise and tolerant, he will evade what has to be avoided and his soul will not have to bear any more discomfort.

Scorpio Predictions October 2020
Even when there are some dark spots, the balance of the month will be positive, since they will be in a position to verify the achievements to be achieved. While some natives will be annoyed by the unfair conduct of various people who have hitherto been trusted, there will be many more who will protect and support them. Professionally, the month will start with unsatisfactory prospects; however, from the second week of the month, the benefits will be evident. The same will happen, too, with matters of the heart.

Love is happy and rewarding in October. Love better if you have a partner. It will still be unstable, but there will be more communication and more romance. Don’t be continually criticizing the other, because all you get is that you erode the relationship. It’s a shame that you’re loading your relationship. If you are single, you will have a lot of attraction to the opposite gender. A friend could introduce you to a friend of his and you could fascinate, fall in love and start a new relationship. Your demands on your partner have changed. You are no longer looking only for romance if not much more.

Mars, Jupiter, and finally Venus, who smiles at you again, will enter Virgo – this is excellent news. The relationship will tend to become warmer, more transporting, with balanced effective complicity. He will have excellent mental attunement, which encourages him to explore with enthusiasm and curiosity. You will have the beautiful feeling of a feeling a friend, lover and in love with your partner. Fertile and satisfying time, conducive to taking a trip together, discovering another world, and meeting new people.

Some Scorpios will be surprised when they find out that they have fallen in love with one of their great friends. Since love does not discriminate, you will do well to accept its impositions. Let yourself go. On the other hand, there will be natives who will feel disappointed by the lack of recognition of their partner. In these cases, you will have to take the Taurus by the antlers and demand a change. Taurus will understand that the time for definitions has come and will not tolerate ambiguous situations. With Cancer, communication will be restored. This sensitive Cancer will bet on romance.

The start of the month will face Scorpio natives with some disappointments. They will be days to avoid the rush in love. If you find yourself alone, you should take your time to start a new relationship, as you could be very disappointed if you rush and act impulsively. Instead, from the 8th, a special atmosphere will be established for those who are in search of their soul mate; people with whom they will agree in many respects will suddenly appear, where they least suppose to find them.

Scorpios, always reluctant to all social life, this October will want to go to parties, share their free time with a group of people with a similar sensitivity to their own, leave the house and walk hand in hand with their partner, instead of secluding yourself all weekend without even going out to see the sun. Well-established Scorpio couples will have the opportunity to share with peace and inner freedom the mighty torrent of fantasies, dreams, projects, and reminiscences of the past that these natives will experience. Instead, if their partners pressure them, they will feel misunderstood and isolated. Being with people will be the watchword.

Social Life
Friends and fun will be very important, but also the exchange of ideas and affection. One tip is not to be too critical and devastating with your friends, because you could lose one.

This October you will find good job offers. You have evolved and you are clear about what you want to work on and whatnot. It is up to you to choose and decide what you want to do with your life. This month you will have the power to change everything you want and build the type of life that you want to lead, to feel satisfied with what you do. You’ll be lucky with the job. Everything will work out for you and you will be successful in your projects.

Thanks to Uranus in Aries, it is sustained by great creativity. You will also know how to transform the most complex situations into productive moments. Also, the enthusiasm brought by Jupiter and the seductive force of Venus in Virgo will make the activity flow smoothly, although perhaps you will tend to examine every detail and seek perfect results. The only problem you will have to face is criticism. You run the risk of not recording the needs of your colleagues.

Throughout October, there will be a notable job reactivation that will provide you with higher income. Scorpio will invest part of these profits in the decoration of his home and in the acquisition of somewhat sophisticated goods, which he always dreamed of having. Now you can give yourself several tastes. Aries will make a series of mistakes due to the confusion caused by the problems that afflict him in the domestic order. Leo will have unbeatable growth possibilities that will be extended to his Scorpio partner, both of them achieving excellent business deals.

October will not start in the best way in the professional field. Many will be the promises that will remain unfulfilled. In any case, as Scorpios are persistent and unable to retrace the path that they have traced, the second week of the month will find them ready to fight to win every battle. From that moment on, Venus will shower them with good luck, which, added to their attributes, will end up granting them interesting benefits. There will be good chances of traveling abroad or connecting with foreign companies.

Scorpio must intersperse, in a balanced way, work with moments of social relaxation. Everything you do in a group will be successful, especially since you will know how to lead a team and lead it effectively. It is a golden month of October to try to do new things. Mercury – the planet of business – and Venus – the planet of money – will be exactly transiting the constellation of Scorpio. From the 20th onwards, the money will enter their coffers, money that will multiply miraculously next October, helping them to leave behind those financial worries that have so distressed them.

In October, your economy will be much better. You are making more money and everything you do and invest will return dividends and profits. The professional and economic progress that you are achieving fill you with satisfaction and give you more security in yourself and more peace of mind.

October will be a month in which you will have problems with your family. You will have to calm down and try to dialogue calmly so that there are tranquility and well-being at home. Calm you’re nervous with your spirituality. Jupiter, Mars, and then Venus in Virgo offer you an optimal period to communicate openly and solve any problems. But, above all, to enjoy excursions, trips and have fun together with family and friends. You will feel more predisposed to meetings with friends, also with those who live far away, or abroad. Jupiter provides you with two positive energies that you are not used to optimism and confidence. With Pluto in Capricorn, you will achieve major changes in your environment.

Your health will be fine and peace of mind. What will be best for you to maintain your balance and your serenity is the practice of spiritual therapies: Meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga … the more spiritual you are, the better you will feel healthy, the less you will somatize and the less you will attack your partner.

Excess food will bring health problems to many Scorpios natives. The threat of hypertension and a high cholesterol level will force them to realize that everything is a matter of measurement, and that excessive eating usually does not give good results. Opting for a diet in which fruits and vegetables abound, especially bitter ones, will allow them to maintain a more than a satisfactory physical state. Phytotherapy is usually an advantageous therapeutic option for Scorpios.

You may experience severe headaches, those dreaded but familiar road companions. It is likely that everything is due to muscle tension and therefore nothing better than practicing yoga or some other oriental discipline such as tai chi chuán to improve the symptom. Floral medicine is also excellent in these cases since some Bach flowers such as Derivan help a lot to those who demand so much of themselves that they end up completely contracted by the tension. Relaxing herbal teas such as chamomile, linden or lemon balm will also be of great help and, of course, massages.

Selective as always, Scorpio natives will share their time only with those people who arouse their admiration and with whom they can engage in an enriching dialogue. The enthusiastic Gemini will take care of making him abandon his domestic isolation, a refuge that runs the risk of becoming a suffocating prison. Virgo will know how to conveniently advise you on the different applicable diets for a better and greater psychophysical performance. As a Libra, a lover of aesthetics, she will show you that beauty manifests where it is sought and valued.

This month of October will be regular for studies. You will not be focused at all, to study. It’s going to cost you a lot. The advice is to practice Yoga or Tai chi or Meditation … and then try studying. Sure, you will concentrate better.

Astral Advice of October for Scorpio
October 2020 will be an excellent time to deal with all those sensations that you feel awakening inside you and that are coming to light. These are pending matters that require a review to dispose of them definitively. Specify your true intentions.

Spirit at the top and satisfactions in the circle of friends this month Scorpio friend! The Sun in Libra until the 22nd accentuates your introspective temperament, especially when Mercury in your sign until the 28th, invites you widely. Powerful energy at work, Mars in Aries could destabilize a chain of your health, be sure. From the 4th to the 28th, Venus in Virgo favors your sector of friendship, softness, and harmony, as well as your projects. Uranus in Taurus continues your conjugal or associative part, first decan. You receive the romantic and spiritual influences of Neptune, second decan, in your creative sector: inspiration! Thought driven by Jupiter Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the last two decades, intellectual strength and regeneration of your environment, moving in the right direction. From 23 to 31, the sun returns home, happy birthday first decan!

Loving panorama: Venus in Virgo in beautiful aspect to your sign announces satisfactions, facilitated in this field. Your particularly fertile friendly area could greatly promote your emotional well-being. Your feelings are a bit reserved but possessive, your libido a bit excessive. Your hyper-sensual nature is very much in keeping with a slight imbalance. Your partner, if there is a partner, is he complacent?

If you are in a relationship: You feel the tenderness and delicacy emanating from Venus. On the other hand, a little stuck, Mars sends you its great energy that can exceed the measure. Powered by Mercury at home, your ultra-powerful mind will quickly rebalance things to your advantage.

If you are single: A romance could begin under the benevolent auspices of a reunion held through your friend crucible from the 4th to the 28th. Frankly challenged by Mars in a sign of fire, you will have the power and the desire to go in search of the rare pearl. Until the 28th, your words will fly, enjoy! The advice of My Horoscope of the Day: The monthly energies are conducive to your intellect, establish long-term plans, this is the moment. Don’t forget to collaborate, unity is strength. And you continue to open your heart to the invisible, it’s a pretty shape!

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