Scorpio Today Daily Horoscope Monday 5th June 2017

Scorpio Today Daily Horoscope Predictions Monday 5th June 2017

Today the planet Mars begins to walk by the sign of Cancer. A very intense experience. The only thing you should do right now is not to launch into new adventures, both sentimental and work, until you are sure of what you really want.

You do not have to run after anyone, it is the others who have to look for you because there has been a change in your emotional direction and at this moment you are more sure of what you really want and you can do with your sentimental life. Love smiles at you, there will be nothing that can affect you.

Scorpio Love 5th June 2017
The vision you now have of your reality is superior to what you might have had in the past and you focus properly on your priority issues. There is a lot of intensity within your intimate, sexual, partner life.

If you live as a couple, keep an eye on yourself so do not let yourself be used to charming others other than your partner. If you are single, you will be like yourself: irresistibly charming and ready to swallow heart-to-heart without ever getting tired. The idea of ​​dedicating yourself to one person will not touch you. However, in the evening, an electrifying encounter could make you change your mind!
Scorpio Health 5th June 2017
If you are someone who does not exercise by claiming inclement weather buy a stationary bike or some type of sports equipment to use at home, and you will not have excuses.

Your most valuable asset this time? A morale of steel! It is up to Mercury, of course, that you will have, and you can make the most of this very positive influence. Even if you have some small health concerns – who does not? – you will not give it too much importance, and they will pass quickly.

Scorpio Work 5th June 2017
You are about to start an intense work week and chances are you will find a lot of late work waiting for you. Fill yourself with patience and go doing everything in time to not overwhelm you. You know how to organize so do not worry, everything you can solve.

The day will be good enough for all those engaged in long-term intellectual work, such as the preparation of theses, dissertations, or the publication of books. Other natives will be favored in competitions, entrance exams and interviews, where they will be remarked by their seriousness and by the solidity of the luggage that they possess.

Scorpio Money 5th June 2017
In a few days you will have an extra income that will allow you to make a good purchase in which will generate profits and possibilities of a good future economic development.

If you have been thinking about doing large transactions for a while or changing the way your hardware resources are managed, it’s time to get started. Thanks to the support of Pluto, you will be able to make the right choices and avoid the pitfalls.

Scorpio Family 5th June 2017
You will have little to worry about your family: everyone will be fine, and your tenderness will be enough to alleviate the small difficulties of each one.

Scorpio Social Life 5th June 2017
Uranus and Mars will influence the industry friendships, which promises lively relationships on this side. But depending on the time, you will be in a very likely mood or a franchise that will not appeal to everyone.
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