Scorpio Today Daily Horoscope Monday 7th August 2017

Scorpio Today Predictions Daily Horoscope Monday 7th August 2017

With the Moon in transit to your sign Scorpio and the energy of your co regent Mars, direct, the news that will be reaching your ears during this weekend are very good.

You will move one step further in pursuit of your economic goals, but you must also be cautious as you are approaching people who are burdened with troubles and shady businesses that could get you involved in their affairs. Do not judge your partner so strongly, let certain things happen, today you do not want to argue. You will face important decisions associated with a sentimental question, but you will have the necessary maturity to know how to face them and to overcome them.scorpio daily horoscope of monday 7 august 2017

With the current planetary position present in your horoscope you must be very cautious and do not launch to say or do anything that could compromise you so control that Scorpio language that has often caused you headaches in the past.

Around you arise problems and difficulties that if you take them too seriously would complicate your health and cause you migraine headaches, headaches and those annoying and persistent discomforts. Relax more as much as possible, avoid stress.

Get carried away by your intuitions, Scorpio. There is a good planetary wave in the distance travel related to your work or business. It is a good time to start a new project or start a new job.

Your hunches are very sharp. You are on a path that will allow you to decipher subliminal signals or dreams and perceptions that will bring you the track of fortune. The possibilities of making money in a short time are not as remote as it might seem to the naked eye.

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