Scorpio Today Horoscope Saturday 13th May 2017

Scorpio Today Horoscope Daily Predictions Saturday 13th May 2017

Provide emotional restraint and advice to family members who need it. In his: forward, ideas are good and every day will improve even more. The possibility of taking two different paths, two paths brothers, one in light, another in shadows, subject us to the permanent test of whether we deserve material and spiritual wealth. It is a good time to adjust some important points of your relationship. Try to get away from problems related to work, better times will come and more conducive to complaints or modifications. Harmony is very necessary and it is in your hands to achieve it, you will be rewarded.

In matters of love you must be careful not to make mistakes, but neither limit yourself, Scorpio. Remember that you are now in the middle of the return of a emotional cycle in which you sow today what you will reap tomorrow. A very happy stage is predicted within your family relationships. You will inspire yourself to take a daring step forward which will bring you closer to the heart of that person who seems to have strayed from your life. Listen to your inner voice, Scorpio, that will not fail you.

You have the opportunity to meet new people in a meeting that will take place today, someone important could appear.

Do not let your body overtake you, you need to pay more attention to what you are feeling physically.

If you have a secret for a long time and you feel the willingness to reveal today what you have hidden long ago, you are likely to find understanding and support in the people who love you the most, it is not good to keep things for so long especially If they do not hurt someone.

If you are looking for love, then the story is different, today will not be the day you appear the person of your life, but if you could give the first happened to try to meet new people, start doing small things to leave the confinement in which You find yourself.

The Moon is in transit through the Sagittarius sign and the planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are still retrograde. This cycle of May is characterized because people appear and disappear in your sentimental horizon that arrive and leave. Do not surrender your heart to someone who comes unexpectedly and offers you what you can not keep. Be careful, watch your behavior.

Due to the action of the recently fulfilled moon you can feel good in the morning, full of energy and then in the afternoon exhausted and tired. Do not worry about thinking that you have a serious health problem, many discomforts come from the stress of these days.

If you are a musician or work with music, you are linked to the jobs of shows, art and entertainment this will be a day of successes in everything and will serve you to achieve what you have been wanting to achieve until now and you could not obtain.

Movement time. At a party or social activity you could meet personalities from the world of finance who will be interested in your work and your career helping you make a qualitative leap in them, Scorpio.
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