Scorpio Today Horoscope Sunday 7th May 2017

Scorpio Today Horoscope Predictions Sunday 7th May 2017

There is a person in your environment who is screaming to your attention and you have not even noticed. You should be more attentive to your environment.

Problem people who are always complaining about everything are a real burden to you that prevents you from moving forward. Do not get involved in other people’s problems or focus on things that do not concern you directly because you could be letting yourself be led by those who are burdened with problems, they only see the pessimistic side of life and they are very negative. The details require your extra attention. You will face new opportunities to grow in your economic and social life, but do not despair trying to find immediate solutions to your pending issues. Intense reunions await you and the possibility of a second honeymoon, a romance that brings you closer and rejoices Scorpio.

When you feel that the dialogue with the members of your family surrounds you usually becomes difficult, do not appeal to hurtful resources. Explosions are useless and can break some ties that have been weakened in recent times. Avoid losing your temper and predispose yourself to listening to others’ opinions before you let yours go. Your interest in everything that is linked to sexuality today will receive a strong influence: enjoy it fully and indulge in an evening filled with romanticism and loving action for you and your partner. You will not forget this day in a long time. Draw some. Try to find some recreational activity that disconnects you from your obligations.

Love is at a somewhat strange stage, since it is probable that neither person is very sure of wanting to continue the engagement, they do not let themselves be beaten by problems, nor fall into temptations that would make the other suffer, they must talk Seriously, and if they still want to separate the ways, do it peacefully.

Moment to dedicate it to the family, especially to your mother, if it is still with you, if not, then give her a moment of the day to honor her memory.

You must reflect today on a particular situation that has been taking away the dream, it may be an economic problem that has been going around, which has led you to have a little insomnia, return to peace and seek Possible solutions to this problem.

The Moon is in Libra, the planets Jupiter, Saturn, as well as the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde, the other planets are direct. Today you will be enveloped in an intense desire to flatter those you love most. You will be able to go to extremes to please them, but remember that if you do not feel happy with yourself you will not be able to achieve the happiness of those around you and you love. At all times be yourself expressing your own nature.

Be very careful if you are going to walk through places where there is snow, water, spilled liquids or slippery surfaces since you are prone to falls by an astral position of your ruler the dwarf planet Pluto. Do not hurry and there will be no problems. Be cautious.

Your abilities to successfully face and resolve the unexpected will be highlighted. Above all, do not lose your temper and combine your scorched intuition with reality. What happens will help you take a qualitative leap if you take advantage of it.

Take precautions to prevent your money from flowing out of your hands. An idea that looks bright may not be so good. Find out before you risk your savings. Be wary of schemes that promise to make you rich right away because many of them are scams.
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