Scorpio Today Horoscope Thursday 11th May 2017

Scorpio Today Horoscope Predictions Thursday 11th May 2017

Contradictory desires and too much intolerance will generate wounds in the susceptibility of his life partner. Meditate and decide what your priorities are. Find your way and renew your commitment to the Universe to walk it as a path of diamond light, remember your power on this earth and affirm your individual light.

Scorpio is going through an excellent stage and on this day you will discover that you can do everything you propose, you just have the confidence to achieve it.

Working with someone you admire is a very good thing for our lives and it is likely that today you will receive a job offer from someone who has a lot of experience in what you do and that has long captivated you in this regard, if this happens Try not to despise the opportunity and make a leap of faith regarding the positive results you could have in this area.

This Thursday, which is saturated with good energies for you since the Moon is in your sign in the phase of the full moon and your will is strengthened. Make plans to have a nice evening or night together with whoever you are interested in, whether it be your formal engagement, your partner or a friend who inspires you romantically. Look for a couple of hours of solitude with that person. Of course, in life, everything is not rosy and you may have to do something wrong. If it is so and you must do it in any way, do not prolong it more time. The sooner you do it the better it will be for you, and the others, rectify is wise. Everything has its time.

Full moon! This is the day and night of the full moon which is passing through your sign, Scorpio. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. Do not rush to give the “yes” to a person you met recently and whom you know little, especially if you are single or single and that person tells you that you are united to someone, but in divorce proceedings. Do not believe in this cycle everything you are told.

Do not abuse pills or analgesics since all excesses are bad. Your sign depends on the habitual rhythm and the discipline and any kind of imbalance far from improving you damages you. Follow a routine to the letter.

If you now occupy a new position or you are in charge of a different assignment do not be impatient trying to master all knowledge immediately. Your sign is now receiving a strong intuitive wave with the action of the full moon, do not fret.

You are in a stage where you will have enough time to think of better ways to invest your money and save more. You can always set aside a modest monthly amount for emergencies. Do not stop doing it, because you know how.

Good job projections for today, do not be afraid to explore some of your lesser known skills in order to generate money, many times we must use everything we have at our disposal to live well and without major economic setbacks.

Ideal moment to analyze the image that projects to the world and the one that would wish to generate, good moment to begin to make the necessary changes, several opportunities in this day to do it, taking different decisions to the impulsive ones. The natives who are alone, will find the opportunity to meet the ideal person.
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