Scorpio Today Horoscope Thursday 25th May 2017

Scorpio Today Horoscope Predictions Thursday 25th May 2017

Today is a good day to risk. You can achieve success if you are prepared to defend the things that really matter to you. Imagine that you are the director of a movie, and that you have just found a potential producer for her. You have the script in your hand. Are you ready to ascend in life? Are you ready for success?

You feel more confident about yourself, more master of your reactions and feelings, Scorpio. The changes that have been taking place recently have helped you to better understand the true dimension of life and the real possibilities you have for your personal fulfillment and especially love, which in your case is intense, strong, passionate. You are about to start a new cycle when the next month of June begins and direct planetary transits will benefit you. There will be many positive things within your economic, work and social landscape, take advantage of them.

The Horoscope of the Day of Scorpio 24 May 2017

Pluto dissonances could make you want to do a big cleaning in your close entourage! Do not be too hard.

The conjunction Moon / Mercury will encourage you to open the dialogue with your spouse. You will be particularly diplomatic, probably to better get your messages across! In addition, your excellent memory will encourage you to come out of old stories. Is it a good idea ? If you are single, you will have a very critical mind!

  • In a relationship with
    Great day to discuss! Indeed, the astral conjuncture will encourage you to open the dialogue and to put on the table all the subjects that you wish to clarify once and for all. However, coming out of old stories is not necessarily a good idea, except to prove to the other that your memory is still so excellent!
  • Single
    As a single friend, do not be so sharp in your judgment of the person who will try to approach you and seduce you. Certainly, you have the respondent and your distribution is a hit. But is it necessary to nail the beak at the beginning of your conversation? You might regret it bitterly, because that person is in good faith.

Your excellent memory (accentuated by the conjunction Moon / Mercury in Taurus) will help you accomplish a complex task. You will have all the qualities required to carry out the work that will be entrusted to you. No need to worry about anything!

You will have to be patient to reap the benefits you hope to receive. The stars take delight in delaying things! In particular, in your financial field. However, you should not have too much trouble managing your budget.
You will be tempted to cut bridges with some people who call your friends, but you only consider parasites!

You may find it useful to set the record straight with some of your family members. Their critics begin to tire you. You will not bother to tell them.

You will decide to gradually get back into the sport. What if you start by walking every day? 10,000 steps are recommended.

Do what you know you must do to keep your side to who is really worth considering as such. Love and friendship are two sides of the same coin.

It is time for you to take more responsibility with your health. Many times we become ill from our lack of attention and from not following certain basic rules of hygiene in our daily life. Check your habits of life and change everything that needs to be changed, Scorpio.

You will be able to compare positions and jobs and choose what suits you best, but you must be careful and not throw yourself into anything new without having explored all the advantages and disadvantages that exist in each one of them. A very successful cycle is coming that will project you to new responsibilities.

If you are related in any way with travel, tourism or similar businesses this is your day to get your contacts forward and promote all those businesses which can help you improve your financial status this coming June.

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