Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 10th to 16th December 2018

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 10th to 16th December 2018

Excellent atmosphere! With Mercury in your sign, you can count on positive travel, rewarding contacts, rewarding exchanges and fulfilling relationships. Your routine is thawed and opens up to higher aspirations, deeper knowledge and, most importantly, projects that are gaining ground.

This influence frees you from your shackles by giving you a great freedom and a new potential to move towards greater autonomy. It’s time to put your skills to the test by asking for a promotion or going on a job hunt: you have every chance of being heard, listened to and understood.scorpio weekly horoscope 10 to 16 december 2018

It is with discretion, with not felted that you will evolve your sentimental life, this week. Your tact and your sense of discretion, finesse, half-tones will act, positively, without hype, but highly effective! Especially since you are very aware that short success can not satisfy you. You will encounter circumstances that will allow you to refine your strategies usefully.

You will slow down the pace, professionally. In general, you will have less to manage and more thoughts and intellectual work to do if you are not on vacation. Your most successful efforts lie in reflection. You will have more free time to reorganize for the next school year, especially in the creative fields, which will free you from doubts about your abilities.

Money and Luck
You will not fail to remake the world this week of December 10, compared to everything that happens around you and to extract ideas that can be germs of promising financial projects. Indeed, your strategic sense will play with the chessboard in place, to grow your donations, your money, in the interest of your home above all. This last point will be your priority, but beware of the thunderbolts in front of some windows, you are exposed!

Everything related to mineral-related therapies, land forces will be more beneficial to you than usual. This is the time to offer you a spa treatment. Jupiter comes to promote a certain tendency to retention, do not forget to eat light, so as not to overload your metabolism. Do not overlook the plant products in your diet this week.

By Mary Emma

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