Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th November 2019

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th November 2019

It’s a week of November 11th that drives you to action and allows you to evolve internally. This energy promotes the externalization of your emotions. The arrival of Pluto in conjunction creates a powerful mental tingling that can make you rebel against discipline but also very effective solo. Know it if you want to put all the chances on your side to move forward.

The week for the Scorpio is presented in a quiet beginning, but some will complicate it as it goes by.scorpio weekly horoscope 11th to 17th november 2019

Some of you who are more restless and non-conformist are going to venture into some type of business or are going to invest in something that you have liked for a long time but that you did not dare to do.

Those who have been with a stable relationship for some time may talk this week about formalizing the commitment or going to share a flat. The first thing is that you have very clear ideas and do not get carried away by what others tell you or by what you already have.

Those who live independently of your parents but alone, you may be thinking of sharing a flat with someone to share expenses. Be very careful who you get home with.

If you are targeting an application of these that exist on the internet to find a partner, you may start receiving messages to meet people. Choose well and there you can find a special person who may become a couple but if not at least good friends.

You have dynamic and exciting relationships in your emotional life: true, spontaneous and idealized feelings tinge your love life with passion. You have all the assets to flourish. You see life in pink!

The laurels of victory should make you blossom and reconcile with all the actors of your professional life. Your reports are excellent, your colleagues, associates or customers do not swear that you, your success is also theirs, hence a very nice collective emulation. The pleasure multiplies if it is shared, do not forget to make enjoy to your entourage, with all your natural generosity, your magnificent evolution!

You have the facilities to refocus on deep values but you will need to take time to make it clear to those around you. This week will fully mobilize your energy, be careful not to overwork: put an order of priority in your projects.

Money and Luck
What joy insight all this week! Your financial comfort is assured and this ensures your life well-deserved tranquility. Your intimate relationships are ideal, your partner accompanies you hand in hand towards your bright future! At work it’s the harmony that prevails, you’re generous with your time and your experience and we make you feel good. Pecuniary happiness makes all the others easier, does it not?

These days a beautiful euphoria accompanies you, you are more fit than ever, you could cut down mountains. You are so energetic that you train your loved ones in your optimism, it’s a very good sign, your good mood is communicative. You keep this good dynamic momentum all week, no bad surprise. If you have physical efforts to provide, you will not need to force.

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