Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th February 2017

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope From 13th to 19th February 2017

Work: Achieving money, happiness and abundance, building a prosperous life that contemplates the material and spiritual parts with equal importance, and seeking a better life should be your daily motivation.

scorpio zodiac 2017

This week is conducive to money and may present better crossroads than yesterday, trust yourself throughout the week and make decisions firmly, it is important to learn to decree …

Love: For couples of years: if a discord is born in the couple must use all their touch if it tries to help. Beware of rabies, poor character and tensions, put on cold cloths and try to calm down before facing a bigger family problem. For singles: he will not flee, as is his custom, from love relationships, he will fall in love with the chosen one and form a lasting relationship. In sexual terms, mature couples enjoy a sexuality, happy, uninhibited and full … and without any taboos. Remember that walking a happy path is the first step to achieve the abundance of heart …

Health: Your overall poor performance is due to problems at rest, try to sleep the necessary time, eat well and take breaks at noon, a good weekend away from everything will help you regain energy. Look after your personal care better, self-esteem strengthens your natural defenses and gives you greater joys and confidence to solve everything in your path, is the power to love and feel good about yourself. It is a form of health that conserves health and energizes at the same time. Improving your diet is always in process but it never materializes completely, take charge of your health and figure and reconsider, is this week. Start today!

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