Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th December 2021

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th December 2021

Scorpios may have to face communication problems with the people around them this week. But it will be useless trying to control the situation because it will be a waste of time. However, don’t make it personal. Just because your loved ones have their heads in the clouds doesn’t mean they love you less.

You are still a wanted and desirable person. If at this moment you are immersed in a romantic relationship, the least that can be said is that you are bewitched. You look at the chosen person as if they were your princess/prince charming. Even her little flaws seem wonderful and endearing to you. Be careful because he could abuse that unconditional love.scorpio weekly horoscope 13th to 19th december 2021

It does not catch you, peaceful Scorpio, this astral conjunction that encourages warmongering and arguments in some signs of the zodiac. On the contrary, you feel energetic and this puts you in a good mood. However, you have to face a week in which an important professional or work move awaits you.

You will have a lot to do, more than you can handle, but the benefits may not be in line with this overload of work. You should not be discouraged by this or think that they do not value your effort because it is not about this. Do your best and the Universe will make it up to you later. If you were looking for a job, on an outing with friends they will give you the key to get it.

In love, everything works properly, without ups and downs, even with more deep affection, good love. In the family unexpected reunions are prepared and perhaps a reconciliation with one of its members with whom you have not spoken for a long time. The balance at the end of the week will be very positive.

You ardently desire that the world change towards more humanity, towards less selfishness, reinforced by Neptune in beautiful aspect to your sign which invites you to a sincere idealism. This week of December, you will be working hard to convince those around you that general improvement is possible. What if you embody it for all to see?

A little unusual aggressiveness confuses your partner who does not understand you. Relieve your stress by practicing sport, by looking for a way to release any tension that is harmful to your balance and therefore that of your relationship. Your libido is a little at half-mast, your sensitivity lacks benchmarks to express yourself fully with your partner. Sit back, relax, and agree to not be in control! Let your other half come to you with tenderness and availability!

Now is the time to bring out the craziest projects or come up with your most daring plans. You will achieve this without difficulty because the sky watches over you and endows you with great powers: it does not allow you to remain in the shadows and favors a well-deserved recognition. Goodwill serves you more than an inopportune bad faith assault!

A thirst for adventure grips your heart, have you eaten a lion? It must be said that this beautiful aspect of Neptune makes your ideas inspired, empathetic, your sensitive nature should awaken more and allow you a different relationship, based on strong and generous feelings. Let what is happening in you happen, it is luminous.

Money a Luck
Since you spend faster than what you earn, the money in your account is playing and could get you in some trouble very soon. Also, simply slow down the sustained pace of your purchases in order to rebalance the outputs a little with the returns! Also watch the waste that attacks your assets head on. The money you have should be managed as well as possible, not squandered!

In this unstable situation, you move forward cautiously but effectively if you think about protecting yourself and anticipating the tensions due to a somewhat stormy planetary context. Heaven subjects you to twists and turns that exacerbate your fatigue and strain your nerves. Stress is looming over you and you would be well inspired to get away from it all as soon as possible.

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Scorpio (born between October 23 and November 22): On Monday the 13th, your great constructive energy will help you a lot in everything you do. But you will have to walk away in too impetuous a way to respond to everything. Because in this way, you will lose half your strength, in occupations that do not lead to anything. You should therefore keep it only for what really requires your care and attention.

On Tuesday the 14th, the most important thing will be the intensity of your generosity and the pleasant way you have to behave with all the people you meet. Your sense of duty and your responsibility will make you reach very high positions. And today you will be able to achieve a great leap in all your work and what you carry out.

On Wednesday 15th, you can learn to control your tensions if you manage to distract yourself with other occupations that keep your attention entertained, and also move your healthy ambition, so that you challenge the challenges that prevent you from progressing more quickly, in your life. You will have to learn to heal your old frustrations and / or blocks in a more fluid way.

On Thursday the 16th, you are now going through a somewhat complicated moment in which you will have to adjust to the reality of your environment and current life. So you must learn to dive in a way in which you can go through most obstacles, in a simpler and less rigid way, than it seems at first.

On Friday 17th, joy will be blurred by a touch of responsibility that you need to put in these moments. Even so, you will have a different, more authentic and free way to do everything. Which will make you feel lighter and more willing to take care of all those matters that you need to finish. You start a new, more receptive stage.

On Saturday 18th, your way of moving will be more sensitive, which will make it easier for you to do it. In addition, you will find that you have freedom of action for many of the activities that you have to do. All this will help you to give your best, which will result in everything I have to carry out, and mainly in the satisfaction of being able to do it.

And on Sunday the 19th, you will notice that you have a great moment of relaxation and starting a new stage, more relaxed and calm. And in which you will feel more comfortable with yourself and also with those around you. All of this will be very important to you. Because at last you will see that changes and transformation are possible at all times.

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