Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 16th October to 22nd October 2017

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 16th October to 22nd October 2017

The conjunction of Jupiter in the sun indicates that you have all your chances to be popular and to experience a great success. This transit induces recognition of your skills, positive and rewarding changes in the professional sphere. During this period, many opportunities for evolution are to be seized.

You can consider new responsibilities, a new position, signing a contract up to your ambitions. This conjunction is a sign of success and prosperity in your life. Luck is at your side. It’s up to you not to let it slip away! You find your usual optimism!scorpio weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd october 2017

You will live your loves with more carelessness this week. You will feel like a lassitude, a refusal, a certain disgust at the thought of worrying about the security of your emotional ties, for in fact you will have far more impulses that will push you to live them fully in the moment, which will leave no room for the hassle. The dominant Venusian symbolic house II opens wide the doors of sensuality.

Your work intensifies throughout this week, and external circumstances push you to develop your abilities. You must rely on your strength of will to reach your goals. You will need to consolidate your position within your work team, in harmony. You will be well inspired not to work alone. Partnerships, group work are extremely well-respected.

You maintain a firm heading this week of October 16, relative to your daily budget. Your longer term projects are favored by your natural weighting, which is still rising this week. You would be well advised to keep abreast of some legal novelties related to these projects, their creation will be simplified. Money flows more smoothly, without slowing down.

You will not lack mental energy and motivation to advance your theoretical plans. But the fact of not yet being able to pass to their implementation can undermine your morale, because of your need of action especially if you belong to the second decan. It is widely recommended that you care for and partition your intimate bubble. The effects of Jupiter add up and cause an intense need for action, which will generate in you new and positive energies especially at the muscular level.

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