Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Scorpio (born between October 23 and November 22): On Monday The 16th, you will do everything in a very special way that will attract attention. You will act simply and naturally and with great sensitivity. The only challenge is staying calm in any situation and every step you take.

On Tuesday 17, you will realize that your way of developing is dynamic and different from that of others because you have a lot of accumulated knowledge and a lot of life experience. You will be lucky in what you do because you have a lot of personal confidence. On Wednesday 18, you will have great intuitions that will guide you in everything you have to do, which today is quite a lot and varied. You will be able to feel satisfaction and see how everything magically solves.scorpio weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd november 2020

On Thursday the 19th, your inspiration will help you at work. It all depends on how you express yourself. Enjoy this day and meditate on what you are going to say since you have abundant knowledge. On Friday 20, you will have many activities, but pay attention only to the most important ones. When you want to, you already know that your time will double you.

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Be suspicious of people who approach you and who know you little or nothing. You are at risk of being the victim of a scam that could even include loss of money. Although the amount is not important, do not let anyone take advantage of you and take you for a naive. Also, at this time you need to pay some bills that you may have forgotten. Regularize this situation as soon as possible because it can lead to problems. In the sentimental field, lately, you are very demanding, you always want what you say to be done and it is also likely that you have dedicated yourself to control the person who is with you because you feel somewhat jealous. If you continue on this path, you may end up being alone. Your boy is very aware of you but begins to feel like in jail.

Scorpio Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This week the planets favor your sign. So people will enjoy your company because you will be charming and diplomatic. Have fun chatting with others, but avoid heated discussions that drain your energy. You will win, do not be afraid. If you have a partner, you will be in absolute heaven in his / her arms. It understands you as if by magic, guessing your most secret and powerful wishes. If you are single, do not be modest or shy and go out there, you could discover someone interesting. You will also appreciate beauty more and your interest in art, music, or poetry will increase. You can also tell someone that you love them. Although you often have trouble talking about your feelings with another person, these days it will be surprisingly easy. Don’t waste time on the details and you will get real satisfaction.

The conjunction of Mercury on your Sun intensifies the importance of exchanges and communications. Your will and your ideas are aligned with the same goal and you hide under your velvet gloves an iron will. You will be at the top of your negotiating skills and will shine with your natural going. You could also receive recognition and praise from your superiors for your skills.

Your aura, powerfully reinforced by the planetary influence, is worth you much success and not only in your loves. Now is the time to regain confidence and show yourself everywhere. You leave no one indifferent and this week could well bring you on a plate the decisive meeting or the union so awaited.

What creativity! Ideas are flowing and your unbridled imagination is working wonders. Artists are placed in the limelight and have every interest in showing off their skills without delay. Whatever your sector of activity, you enjoy a very appreciable love rating and you excel in your field. At work!

Your artistic or simply creative projects can, during this period, be happily pursued. If you take this transit as an oasis of peace in the midst of the storm, chances are you will have a pleasant routine. All this, on the condition that you look up and consider the world around you more broadly.

Money and Luck
It’s a beneficial week of November 16 if you have any major purchases to make. Your finances are doing wonderfully, a balance that gives good hope for the future. You can already start making big plans. Managing your budget arouses the admiration of those around you, especially given the results. You could even improvise yourself as a manager for the sake of the accounts of your loved ones.

Instead of getting upset over nothing, you prefer to meditate, it’s always better than stress, and as you internalize your emotions, you have to find a way to vent, because relaxation is not enough. Find an attentive ear, seek in your entourage a person who listens to you and advises you.