Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 17th to 23rd August 2020

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 17th to 23rd August 2020

It is a period of awareness that makes it possible to distinguish the conditioning linked to the lived experience. You become able to free yourself from it, perhaps by having to fight against people who reflect on you a restricted image of yourself. Stop feeling persecuted and manage your own life better!

The period announces some difficulties in terms of communication, relationships are strained, feelings are locked. If you have your head at work, it is your love that suffers. This week you decide to save appearances by taking a closer look at the expectations of your loved ones. You use your charm to resolve a sentimental quarrel. You can be very persuasive.scorpio weekly horoscope 17th to 23rd august 2020

A promising week of August 17 awaits you. So, instead of exhausting yourself, instead, prepare yourself in the shadows and sheltered from the fury of those around you. Beware of hallway noise and distorted language. Avoid taking sides and if possible get excited about nothing! This sky titillates your nerves, undermines your morale, and exhausts you!

You find it hard to discipline yourself and your partners find your demands selfish or completely out of the ordinary. You contest for fun, you do not measure your desires or you mismanage your strokes of heart and your luck. The outcome of this difficult passage depends on your maturity.

Money and Luck
An astral conjuncture prompts you to make up for a lost time after a period of deprivation. Suddenly, you embark on purchases that can be downright expensive. Unfortunately, contrary to what you think, your situation is not yet stable. It can be questioned at any time. If you want to avoid going through a time of scarcity, put money aside instead of spending it. Scorpio Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You won’t get anything by trying to force things, if not losing the few energies you have left. Rather, focus on dialogue that will serve you more effectively. Claim but flexibly. If you don’t give in to the various pressures that will undoubtedly test your patience, you will be more successful in maintaining an enviable balance.

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