Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 1st May to 7th May 2017

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Predictions 1st May to 7th May 2017

Scorpions will be forced to reflect on issues they have been putting off for quite some time. Your career matters a lot and you are willing to make any sacrifices for it, the problem is that your partner feels that you are relegating it to your work and that is causing it to slowly move away from you. Perhaps the time has come to sincerely relate to the person you are with and also to yourself, ask yourself if you are truly willing to have a serious relationship at this point in your life.

In the economic and financial field, the people of this sign will live a week of many temptations. Starting Thursday of this week, you will get a proposal for a very innovative business. The person who will make that proposal will try to tempt you by means of very abundant profits. However, your instinct tells you that you should not invest in that business. The problem will be that your greed will want to do it. The stars advise you to follow your intuition and act wisely.

In the workplace, the natives of this sign will live a week of much learning. You have changed jobs and everything is going well in your new job. However, you are making the same mistakes you made in your previous jobs. You work very hard and you are also qualified to take responsibility but the problem is that you do not believe enough in yourself. Let go of your hesitations and show everyone your potential.

In the area of health, people of this sign will live a week in which they will be hypersensitive and all emotions will directly affect your digestive system. There are high chances of acute gastritis, especially over the weekend.

Week of great possibilities in which you should not let pass the opportunities presented to you, for this you must be alert.

You will have the possibility of new job offers, where you will have to act with great prudence, and study carefully, and with caution if you decide to make the leap. You have to be careful.

Your personal relationships with your family, friends and partner, if you have one, is in an unbeatable moment.

You have thought of taking a step in your relationship, do not do it on impulse, talk first with your environment, you are in a moment where you feel the love around you, and that makes you impulsive.

The singles of Scorpio are in a stage of melancholy, in which you have to stop remembering the past, you have to open your eyes, because it is the only way to overcome it, and open the doors to the new love, someone very close, That does not dare to take the step therefore sees your attitude.

You are in a week where your charisma will be very accentuated, your actions will be taken into account.

You feel the need to have changes in your life, and for them you must make decisions and turn to what you really want to have. It is time for you to jump, and leave behind everything that worries you, and to be happy.

Use your strength, that you have it, in transforming you, you have enough strength of will, and the love and confidence necessary for it.
During the first fortnight of the week you will discover that your power of seduction will reside primarily in the word, aided by your ability to connect deeply with the needs and desires of the other. In this week they will enjoy as never before the conquests, for the facilitated that they will have in the intuition to capture the deepest secrets of the other.

From the 16th, by the entry of Mercury into Aries, it will be an especially favorable time to take refresher courses in the workplace. Thanks to the location of Venus, you will feel a climate of harmony and companionship that will lead you to revalue the experiences in that area. In the area of health it is important that the Scorpio do a check, especially in the second fortnight of the week.

Beware of abrupt changes in climate; It is very possible that they suffer discomfort in the throat, angina, and respiratory tract in general. Jupiter’s position in House XII will allow them to have a “guardian angel” who will protect them from betrayal, deceit and misfortune. The greatest difficulties of the natives will be centered in the home.

There will be a constant feeling of abandonment and criticism from your family. Try not to try to get the attention of your relatives, this will not be a good time for communication. The best recipe is to act with responsibility and constancy for the tasks that the home demands.

While they are likely to feel powerful urges to take a trip out of the country, it would be advisable not to be carried away by them. The presence of Mars in House IX of the Scorpio (long journeys) tells us about the possibility of accidents in the course of the same. Until the 16th they will be very lucky in the games of chance and the financial speculations in which they risk.

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