Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th June 2022

You will be less clairvoyant this week when it comes to your friendly, romantic or social relationships. Subtle changes are to be expected as the influence of Neptune predominates and urges you to think with finesse. Your intuition is considerably influenced by your affectivity and encourages you to be useful, sometimes to excess.

Neptune promotes letting go, renunciation, both in the sentimental sphere and in other areas. You will tend to hold the course limply without showing your limits to your loved ones. You can only counter these tendencies by giving yourself time before responding to the proposals of those around you.


At the beginning of the week you may encounter some obstacle in your work life, Scorpio. An argument or altercation with one of your superiors can make you not feel as strong or as safe as in past days at work and this can make you uncomfortable.

Towards the weekend the waters will return to their channel, but do not forget what has happened or trust this person too much, who perhaps feels threatened by his position or is professionally jealous because he feels inferior. Open your eyes wide to avoid falling into his trap. From Friday you will have sharpened intuition, your dreams may reveal to you how you should act. And relax because everything is going to turn out very well.

You are in need of an activity in which that spiritual part that is now manifesting and empowering also intervenes. It would be very good for you to meditate, because meditation will bring you inner peace and harmony, even physically. In love it works like silk, you don’t have to worry.

You’ll be doing a lot of inner thinking this week, Scorpio, as Mercury moves into your 8th house. You may want to engage in deeper conversations with people, or you may be interested in learning about topics that are not openly discussed, such as life and death, or the occult. Also, you could get rid of any problems in a relationship. With the Full Moon in your second house, numerous bills and expenses may come up, or you might feel like you need to be appreciated or more rewarded at work. On the other hand, you can attract new freelance work or business opportunities.

Your good will is the keystone to the smooth running of your love affair. Your lucidity gains in precision in this domain, in a radical way. Which leads you to see clearly in the behavior and intentions of your partner. You go ahead of useful discoveries, by asking extremely relevant questions to your partner and without hurting his sensitivity.

A particularly flourishing week of June 20 is coming! Your fixed income allows you some nice spreads, unless dividends from profitable investments are timely to replenish your bank account! Finally, open yourself up to a financial facility, to a quiet relationship with money, treat yourself with this specific satisfaction of not damaging your wallet! Do you always want to change your car?

You have inexhaustible forces to carry out your magnificent undertakings. Be careful not to get too carried away, but you can devote yourself without reserve with pleasure and pleasure to making this week particularly favorable to your expansion, a gourmet and unforgettable moment that you will enjoy in good company.

This week is ideal for collaborating and communicating more with your collaborators. Indeed, you will have luck much more easily if you show team spirit to move your files and projects forward in a constructive direction. You always have the option of not changing anything. But that would be wasted energy. You will have pleasant surprises in the continuity of your projects and will discover completely incongruous but very real support.