Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 27th July to 2nd August 2020

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 27th July to 2nd August 2020

On Monday the 27th, today your great sensitivity and some emotional tension will accompany you at certain times of the day. So pay attention to avoid falling into matters that interest you neither to discuss nor to deepen them. On the contrary, make sure that everything is light and light AND that everything runs smoothly as the wind in a feather.

On Tuesday the 28th, on this day life asks you for a greater degree of intimacy and to externalize what you think and what you feel; since sometimes you shut yourself up too much, and that is not good, because you reckon come and you become with more introspection; which does not help you at all, and less to feel the happiness of life and the happiness of day today.scorpio this week 27th july to 2nd august 2020

Wednesday 29, today is a day to focus on everything you want to start in your life. And how you want to appear before others, either as a personality or as a way of acting in the different settings in which you find yourself. It will be a happy day if you know how to take advantage of it.

On Thursday the 30th, let yourself be guided by your instincts and your perceptions that always lead you on the best path. Since your way of chasing everything, sometimes makes you feel obfuscated, and you insist on “Getting where they don’t call you.” So forget everything you think is not going to have a good result.

On Friday the 31st, the most important thing today is that you care about others and give them the affection they deserve. Because at other times you have received full hands. So now it’s okay for you to return it. And in this way, the law of attraction will work perfectly in your life.

Saturday the 1st is a time to spend reading or writing OR maybe a meeting with close friends that you wanted to have long ago. Enjoy. And Sunday, the 2nd, is a day in which you will have to solve various issues that you left unfinished long ago. If you spend time with concentration, you will finish quickly.

Scorpio Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

The week begins with the Moon entering your sign late on Monday. This sensitizes the children of the scorpion specially and results in some conversations that you were avoiding taking place in an emotional and soft climate.

Romantic life continues to grow and take your inner gaze to a more spiritual dimension of your body. You will recognize the possibility of evolving in your relationship as a couple from a more careful and sacred love. Perhaps you are interested in investigating the practice of yoga and through this ancient discipline knowing the fusion between body, mind, and spirit. Perhaps you will discover a new universe that will fascinate you, Scorpio.

Those natives who are about to unite their lives with those of their lover will feel the natural fear of this emotional demand. Building a relationship is not an everyday thing and you know that living together is something that can become complex when the news passes. Don’t dwell on difficulties and look for positive dialogues that strengthen your relationship.

For this week, professional life moves very fast. The days will not pass without manifesting surprises and crazy situations typical of a television comedy.

If you are one of those natives who are looking for a new job, do not let your guard down and keep your eyes on your goals. This week the strength of your character in the professional will be revived with Mars that will unfold for months to strengthen you. It will be very important that you despise discussions and use this vibrant energy to feel strong and agile.

Many people in the professional field will try to drive you crazy, especially in women with acid and critical mind. Do not allow them to cause the inner boil in your mind that they are trying to awaken.

You know well how to plan your revenge, Scorpio. Wait for the appropriate moment to deliver your perfect hit. Their bad intentions will be exposed and your reputation will be free of blemishes.

Hot spirits could take your blood pressure to figures that don’t do you any good. A happy and healthy week will depend on your ability to control your thoughts.

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