Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 28th September to 4th October 2020

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 28th September to 4th October 2020

Scorpio (born between October 23 and November 22): On Monday 28, you will have a longing for other moments in which you enjoyed other activities that made you feel great. But today you can find a space to do all that you enjoy so much.

On Tuesday 29th, you will learn to deal with others more sympathetically and effectively; since sometimes he does it in a way too serious. Take advantage of your new arrangement and you will see the benefits they bring you. On Wednesday 30th, you have positive vitality to make the best of yourself.scorpio weekly horoscope 28th september to 4th october 2020

It will be a special day because your intuition will guide you where you should go, in an unequivocal and fast way. On Thursday the 1st, you will feel jovial and use your kindness. Attention to friction due to minor errors with unreasonable people. On Friday the 2nd, it is important that your way of speaking is delicate and that you put yourself in the place of the person who receives it.

In economic matters, you are in luck and everything is going splendidly. And the weekend; Saturday is an interesting day to organize group entertainment, and Sunday is an important day to organize accounts and savings and expenses.

Scorpio Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Mercury enters your sign. Heaven is smiling on you, these coming weeks and you should derive great personal satisfaction from this very favorable transit. Each decan will be illuminated in turn by immense creativity, particularly fulfilling relationships with others and, for some, by real progress in professional or love life, depending on the field in which you are investing.

Harmony seems to reign, you do everything to preserve what you fundamentally hold! You are living in the moment and you are right. But beware of your skin-deep sensitivity, which could play tricks on you. You get a little too high unless someone around you is trying to cheat you!

What creativity! Ideas are flowing and your unbridled imagination is working wonders. Artists are placed in the limelight and have every interest in showing off their skills without delay. Whatever your sector of activity, you enjoy a very appreciable love rating and you excel in your field. At work!

This transit allows you to shine, to make yourself understood, and to gain acceptance for your ideas or your methods. For those who have a request to make, a job to find, a partner to seduce, or win back, it’s a great time. However, to take advantage of these excellent provisions, you will have to shake off your legendary indolence because no one will do things for you!

Money and Luck
If you want to obtain credit for the purchase of a vehicle or work in the house, if the requested sum is not too high, you will get a positive response, otherwise, you still have to wait. If the climate remains favorable, you are advised not to rush anything. Postponing certain projects without automatically canceling them seems to be the most effective method today.

Decompress by practicing an activity to evacuate stress and especially increasing irritation. You will thus put on your side. You will not solve anything by causing scandal, rather play sports to get rid of tensions, cultivate hobbies. The best way to preserve your nervous system is through healthy distractions.

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