Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 29th July to 4th August 2019

The transit of Venus square makes you particularly critical and quarrelsome towards your partner. This aspect ignites your love for the best of passion and the worst of jealousy. Also, watch out for your finances: impulsive and unreasonable purchases are common in this respect and may leave you on the sand.

Do not get around the painful and inevitable questions that make you progress on the path of happiness. Despite the apparent difficulty, there is a challenge, do not doubt your abilities! The escapades of your partner destabilize you? His needs for fantasy will not necessarily threaten your projects. Expect happy surprises rather than seeing everything in black!

Make contacts, develop projects, increase your address book, this week of July 29 all focused on communication, allows you to shine at your work by giving you the right words, good ideas, timely meetings at the right time! Your charisma could wreak havoc, do not take advantage of it more than reason, but know it distills with finesse. You do not catch the flies with vinegar, do you?

This very frustrating but transient transit can make your emotional life complicated or tense. You will have to flag down and this is a situation you hate. Still, your serenity will be at this price. Financially too, you may have to give up something or take advice before making a major decision.

Money and Luck
Times seem hard. You have the morale at half-mast. So, to ward off fate, you are able to embark on untimely spending. Alas, this is not going to produce the desired effects. Instead, be strict in managing your money. Sort your bills. Spread your expenses over time. That done, you will find that the situation is not so dramatic.

The sky does not spare you and constantly subjects you to inflammatory risks. So do not neglect the prevention and take advantage of the beautiful situation to recharge your batteries sustainably, make good resolutions for the future and stop giving in to the pressure of your bellicose interlocutors who will eventually get tired face your zen.

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