Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 29th March to 4th April 2021

Check this week’s Scorpio horoscope for 29th March to 4th April 2021, Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, joins Jupiter this week in the first conjunction. Two things can happen: either that their fears for the future grow and feel emotionally overwhelmed, or that they begin a process of faith and trust in the events that are happening, and that all this provides them with new learning and new horizons. Trust, despite everything. Feel faith, protection, and most importantly, learn from this whole process, from caterpillar to butterfly, that will turn them into the Phoenix Bird.

For the past two years, you’ve been learning that your words and your ideas have power. And that that power can help you to build or to destroy, depending on where you put your intention, but you have also been learning that your way of thinking is also very influenced by your irrational fears, your insecurities, and your shadow.scorpio this week horoscope 29th march to 4th april 2021

And next week to put pressure on this learning so that you continue to detect what darkness you must transform into the light to communicate from a more constrictive place for you and others. Beware of conflicts that begin to feel at home, within the walls that make up your home.

Remembering that home is that space in which you build a family, a future, the feeling of belonging and security. Perhaps you should make a change in your family dynamics or defend your family against some kind of “threat” or problem.
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Jupiter square in the native sun causes an imbalance between your aspirations and your possibilities. This very frustrating situation can make you irritable and rebellious to any solicitation. You are forced to go through compromises that revolt you, legal or administrative concerns are possible, your excesses could lead to various problems, excessive risks.

Scorpio This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 29th March to 4th April 2021

It is by confronting yourself that you can resolve disputes and find solutions that honor everyone’s needs and desires. Accept your wrongs and question your sometimes overly flippant conduct. This attitude softens everyday life, nuances your words, and softens your mood to burst an abscess, take a step forward, or break a process.

This week, Mars, a planet associated with aggressive emotionality and stubbornness, enters the area of family relationships in your birth chart. With this influence, you will be very susceptible to every situation or comment from your family group. It could be very easy to fight, as the desire to do everything your way grows in you and if any member of your family opposes your decisions, problems, and discords increase. Take care of your emotional states and do not add your impatience to them. You must maintain your emotional balance by putting aside your hostility.

Lower your arms and see if there is no way to move your plans forward without conflict. Luck is passing and if you take the trouble to launch the right initiatives, your daring pays off. You are more attentive to your colleagues and you gain approval with this asset. You benefit from the support that allows the social development you want.

You are too sensitive to ease, it makes you careless or too optimistic. You run the risk, under this influence, of rejecting any advice, any outside help. However, you can take a step back and take advantage of this period to focus on yourself, on your inner and spiritual needs. This way you get the most out of this transit.

Money and Luck
Do not be bullied if your professional colleagues do not always understand your way of managing your assets, perhaps avoid confiding in your private life while taking into account remarks which are certainly unpleasant to hear but certainly sensible! Your wallet is getting thinner every day, what if you stop your spending by forcing yourself to a more modest, less expensive daily life? Cook leftovers and don’t throw them away!

This week, Venus, the planet of the horoscope associated with the pleasure that comes from having money and material possessions, will transit the sign of Gemini. With this influence, your ability to attract economic opportunities increases. You have to be very attentive because these will be to improve your economy and can come to you through social and commercial interaction with different types of proposals that until now you had not considered paying attention to. This is why you will consider diversifying your economy and having another type of earnings in parallel to your current job.

If you want to make your dreams come true, consider times that are sometimes inspiring, sometimes hopeless. You are therefore forced to make alienating concessions when you only aspire to win the Grail. To achieve this feat, compose with a half-tone sky that demands your goodwill, but also endows you with a fierce determination to finish the race in the lead.

As the week goes by, you will have to control your temper more, since Mars changes signs and adds to the energy of Saturn. Together they can cause exhaustion, a decline in your immune system, and various bone problems; something that you have detailed in the annual horoscope of your sign.

To overcome the influences of Mars and be able to maintain a good atmosphere in your home, I recommend using mirrors to your advantage to ward off bad energy from your home and family. Also, I advise you that, when you are about to shower, put salt under the soles of your feet and stay for a few seconds without letting the water run. Imagine that the dense energies come out of your feet and are absorbed by the salt. Then, when you feel more relieved, proceed to shower and imagine that the water takes away your aura, freeing you of everything negative.

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