Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 2nd April to 8th April 2018

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 2nd April to 8th April 2018

Venus enters your complementary sign and will blow up all the locks of your emotions but also financial life this week of April 2nd. Expect new encounters and enjoy the renewal of your current relationships. Trap or the good idea, loving friendships are very possible and if you are in a relationship, it would still be good not to mortgage a lasting relationship on a whim.

Singles have every interest in staying attentive and available: new encounters are a source of diverse opportunities both sentimentally and financially. You will, however, need all your intuition to sort out these novelties because an excess of dynamism can blur the cards and drag you into chaotic relationships if you do not keep the direction of common sense. Enjoy without suffering and everything will be fine.scorpio weekly horoscope 2nd april to 8th april 2018

Whatever your situation in the present, you will not be able to settle for a second role. Paradoxically, you will be more often than usual, surrounded by relatives. A need for renewal will be felt, and it is internally that you will initiate interesting changes in your emotional relationships. The virtual is not profitable to you this week. Do not focus on dating sites, step back and return to the world of realities close by.

You will ask yourself some basic questions about your professional life. You will not be able to simply follow a routine stupidly, which will create stress if you are currently in a job that you do not like.

It’s time to discover your true talents, beyond the immediate requirements. If three months ago you had resisted this personal assertion, it will be harder to resist this week.

In the financial sector, you gain in depth of vision of things, in terms of your material life. The impulses of the sky push you to safety in the broad sense.

But it is especially at the level of the home, of your roots, that you will act spontaneously towards the strongest possible security. Your common sense is enriched by a realism and lucidity that allows you to judge your desires with realism.

Your vitality will this week be facing a major enemy, the temperature. Your organic temperature sensitivity is increased and as a result, all the consequences that may result are closer to you than usual. If you remain vigilant on this point, you will benefit from an excellent form. Get help, strengthen your immune system.