Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th August 2020

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th August 2020

On the 3rd, avoid getting entangled in small things and go straight to the main theme. If your wishes are to change in a big way, you will achieve the turn and you will achieve it. Everything is in your desire.

On the 4th, it is as if you were reborn, and also your emotional ties will come into play. You must resolve issues from time ago in an unequivocal way.scorpio weekly horoscope 3rd to 9th august 2020

On Wednesday the 5th, you are between two aspects, your passions and the sense of duty. You must combine the energy of work and leisure to enjoy both and combine them properly.

On Thursday the 6th, you will be able to use your calm and your harmony between decisions and responsibilities, which will give you a greater influence when it comes to carrying out your actions. If everything is balanced you will achieve recognition in the profession, which you expected so much.

On Friday the 7th, your experience and knowledge baggage will help you conclude unresolved issues. You will notice some emotional instability because many people come to you for advice and you must be balanced to achieve it.

And the weekend; Saturday is a day to give full hands and so you will receive in the same way, and Sunday solves that “pending issue” with the couple and/or close friends to settle it definitively.

Scorpio Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

The planetary influences of this first week of August induce in your attitude a lack of flexibility, of understanding towards the weaknesses of others. This can cause tensions in your relations and attract to you people who only seek protection% u4th26 Do not be fooled by the “broken arms” which, by fine words, can make you fall in their nets, otherwise to have to carry them at arm’s length, then!

Your partner is more demanding than usual or seems less receptive to you … It is necessary to take a step back so as not to react too impulsively, you will avoid oversized conflicts. Your dialogues bring peace and clarify your ideas, do not remain isolated to fully experience the positive influences that are within your reach.

Heaven assures you of its support but in no way guarantees you to victory. You need to revise your angle of fire and perhaps recognize certain mistakes or clumsiness to ease the tensions that keep you away from your collaborators. Your activities are scrutinized by your superiors or associates, not very forgiving and not very understanding.

By dint of cutting your hair in four, you expose yourself to overwork, by an excess of realism. Do not chase your dreams, they are not in vain, even if you cannot make them come true yet. Too much reasoning can drive away your spontaneity with those around you. You intimidate others without realizing it, by closing the doors to your weaknesses, you prohibit the expression of that of others.

Money and Luck
The evolution of your financial situation is slow to manifest itself? Too bad, you will be able to accept your fate with a certain philosophy, soon with real wisdom, who knows? After all, there are much more unfortunate than you on this Earth: people who do not know how tomorrow will be done and who have no roof over their heads. As far as you are concerned, as long as the fridge is full and you manage to meet your obligations, the essentials are done.

Whatever you do, do it in moderation! Your disrupted vitality of recent times no longer authorizes you to the excesses of which you are accustomed! You could hurt yourself or slam something if you don’t treat your body gently. Your appetite for life is to your credit but you enjoy life just as much by sparing your existential vehicle. Learn to balance your strengths and desires.

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