Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 6th to 12th May 2019

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 6th to 12th May 2019

Your entourage accelerates the course of your life, this first week of May. You will have to adjust your personal tempo. Everything related to change and mobility is very favored. New doors open, you to overcome certain fears, rarely founded. It is necessary to take the time to weigh the consequences of these changes and their different options before you decide.

A beautiful sky sprinkles your way with starry dreams and sensual realities. It greatly promotes communication. It’s time to go out and meet people. You undoubtedly seduce your interlocutors fascinated by your verve, your sensuality and your devastating charm. This heaven will watch over your loves and multiplies opportunities for conquest.scorpio weekly horoscope 6th to 12th may 2019

You are struggling to get out of your usual business because the sky invites you to move up a gear and finish the outstanding. You have a great energy to launch your projects and overcome obstacles that may punctuate your journey. You do not want to let yourself talk about it and you are making steady progress towards your goals.

Your critical sense, pushed too hard this week, leads you to exhausting and sterile polemics. Mercury makes you live situations a little tense on the relationship, you have to spare divergent interests. It is recommended that you take the time necessary to do this at best, you do not have to deal with things quickly.

Money and Luck
You do not risk much this week, on the contrary, your bank accounts balance without you having any effort to make, it is much appreciated. A surprise cash back allows you to spend on something you did not plan to buy in the immediate future. You’re lucky, this week is fruitful, it’s a bit like you’re a big winner in the lottery.

Everything is fine, you are surrounded by the people you cherish the most, your morale is at the top, you smile broadly. This is the exchange week, you enjoy your friends it is essential to your well-being, you organize outings, your spirit is unifying this is worth all the honors. You end the week in the same state of mind, with your good mood as a bonus.

By Mary Emma

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