Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 7th May to 13th May 2018

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 7th May to 13th May 2018

You will be less clairvoyant this week, regarding your friendly, romantic or social relations. Subtle changes are to be expected because the influence of Neptune predominates and commits you to think with finesse. Your intuition is greatly influenced by your affectivity and encourages you to make yourself useful, sometimes to excess.

Neptune promotes letting go, renunciation, both in the sentimental sphere and in other areas. You will tend to hold the course softly without showing your limits to your loved ones. You can only counter these trends by giving yourself time before responding to the proposals of your entourage.scorpio weekly horoscope 7th to 13th may 2018

Decisions are needed or begin to make their urgency felt. You will find yourself confronted with situations that will require a clearer affirmation of your values, your hopes and your projects. Your entourage cannot help but acclimatize. It is not excluded that you lack diplomacy! It is also to predict an inflation of your attraction to pleasure. These moments of passion are an excellent antidote to heal from the past, meetings are promising.

Relationships with your colleagues are harmonized as part of the collective projects that you will have to carry out together this week. Everyone will find his place and you will have the art not to encroach on the territory of others. On the other hand, you will experience a more intense need for contacts and exchanges. Beware of the overflows of confidences that you are likely to make to people too unreliable in their discretion.

Money and Luck
You will have a deeper insight into your financial life, which will cause you to be sparing in your expenses. You need to see your wool stocking increase gives you more wisdom and reason in the face of spending temptations. Investments are favorable, especially abroad, or if they are linked to foreign trade. Expect impromptu housekeeping expenses related to appliance maintenance.

This week of May 7, you will feel a stronger energy and you will willingly engage in restless activities. A need for mental escape will be felt. In parallel with this great physical form, reinforced by Venus, you will benefit from an oral spring reinforced by the fact that you will have facilities to complete situations that have lasted too long.