Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 7th to 13th September 2020

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 7th to 13th September 2020

Scorpio (born between October 23 and November 22): On Monday the 7th, you will feel a lot of energy and a good atmosphere that will attract acquaintances who will listen to you with interest. It is appropriate to exchange knowledge among all.

On the 8th, Tuesday, you will be lucky if you use prudence and precision. You must use your perception to get to the depths of matters; avoiding mistakes from other times. On Wednesday 9th, he organizes finances, assets, and family accounts. Avoid superfluous expenses and you will feel freer and in better spirits.scorpio weekly horoscope 7th to 13th september 2020

On the 10th, Thursday, you will be able to enjoy life differently, since you will appreciate everything as if you had taken a huge turn. You must find the meaning of what you do and the relationship with close people; so you will know what your mission in life is. On Friday, you will enjoy thanks to your open thinking and your optimistic vitality. You will strengthen ties with acquaintances and new contacts, which will make you feel great inner happiness. Your home initiatives will also be supported, which will give you confidence and security. And the weekend; Saturday will be a day to enjoy your recreational activities with other people, and Sunday is an ideal day to travel or to project new goals with friends.

Scorpio Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Take advantage of this week to make a hole in your life for your creative and inspiring muses. You know that you are not only made of marble and even though you are deeply rational, you also have an artistic sensibility that you tend to block too often. So, give it a little more space and you will realize how much it can inspire you and how important it can be to you. When it comes to your loves, acknowledge that you have been somewhat indecisive lately. You are aware that reason and feelings should not mix, but, despite this, you have great difficulties to make a difference. You deceive yourself about the qualities that you think you see in some people. Make sure you accept people as they are, not as you dream them to be.

Couples: Your married life seems doomed to great stability. The couples will not be subject to any significant planetary influence; their life will therefore go off without a hitch, even if it is a little, too, without great enthusiasm and great passion.

Singles: This is a very favorable period for plans for a loving union, for a lasting commitment, for a decisive meeting. The astral atmosphere will particularly favor the natives of the second decan, giving them the possibility of satisfying the deepest aspirations of their hearts.

Money and Luck
Neptune will form disharmonic astral combinations, which may confuse you when it comes to money. Be careful, therefore, if you have to make an important decision, concerning an expensive purchase, for example, not to rush without thinking. Take advice from knowledgeable people, and wait to make up your mind.

This period, placed under the auspices of Saturn, will be very conducive to relaxation. A pleasure trip, friendly visits, or a stay in a pleasant place would do you the greatest good. If possible, treat yourself to an express thalassotherapy cure or, more simply, an asleep cure.

Saturn in good appearance will allow you to make interesting contacts. If you want to broaden your professional horizon, or even change direction, a tantalizing opportunity should present itself this week.

Family and Friends
At home, you will be much firmer and more disciplined than usual. There will be a few gnashing of teeth; but, in the end, no one will complain about long about this little turn of the screw on your part, because it will prove to be essential and beneficial.

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