Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 8th May to 14th May 2017

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Predictions 8th May to 14th May 2017

Scorpions will be forced to reflect on issues they have been putting off for quite some time. Your career matters a lot and you are willing to make any sacrifices for it, the problem is that your partner feels that you are relegating it to your work and that is causing it to slowly move away from you. Perhaps the time has come to sincerely relate to the person you are with and also to yourself, ask yourself if you are truly willing to have a serious relationship at this point in your life.

In the economic and financial field, the people of this sign will live a week of many temptations. Starting Thursday of this week, you will get a proposal for a very innovative business. The person who will make that proposal will try to tempt you by means of very abundant profits. However, your instinct tells you that you should not invest in that business. The problem will be that your greed will want to do it. The stars advise you to follow your intuition and act wisely.

Work: If your partner is Virgo, at this time will try to impose on you, stay calm and try to dialogue. Capricious reproaches, guilt, and attitudes of third parties can go down all week, stay firm in your decisions. A great undertaking is coming, you can do it alone or with a close friend or friend. Strange partners are better off staying out of it. It can also be interesting to start a family business. To give yourself the opportunity to grow up without fear of anything is in your hands. The planets are on your side, however you must be able to face your fears and immobility to achieve the advance you are looking for. The very nature of your problems lies in you. Transmute in violet before nightfall. Watch out for the troublemakers.

Love: No shadow will stand between lovers, singles will have more energy and courage than ever to project and make their feelings come true. Those who are still alone can begin a romantic relationship with a colleague or work person. With Pisces understanding and tenderness, with Aquarius reasonable arrangements, with Capricorn obstacles to get around, with Sagittarius serious drawbacks, with Virgo collaboration and progress, with Cancer without financial hassles and much seduction. In general you will be calmer than ever, let yourself be pampered and turn away from the usual frivolity. It is able to strengthen the bonds of love and affection and overcome any conflict of partners to improve and avoid the rupture of the relationship.

Health: Work and act with integrity in pursuit of an abundant vital energy, this is your trick to achieve the prosperity and abundance you need and deserve, since without health and energy nothing can achieve, try to understand that your health is paramount. In this way your success will be assured if you believe in the stars and in your own creative capacity of universes. Learn to decree your will, schedule your destiny and love yourself and trust yourself. Your superiority will be evident … try to pay attention to the signals that your destiny gives you. Good time to start living more fully a physical activity that attracts you but devotes little time.

In the workplace, the natives of this sign will live a week of much learning. You have changed jobs and everything is going well in your new job. However, you are making the same mistakes you made in your previous jobs. You work very hard and you are also qualified to take responsibility but the problem is that you do not believe enough in yourself. Let go of your hesitations and show everyone your potential.

In the area of ​​health, people of this sign will live a week in which they will be hypersensitive and all emotions will directly affect your digestive system. There are high chances of acute gastritis, especially over the weekend.
Color of the week: White.
Numbers of Luck: 5, 14, 16, 18, 44, 47.
Best day of the week: Tuesday.
Better compatibility: Gemini.

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