Scorpio Weekly Horoscope April 3 to 9, 2017

Scorpio Horoscope weekly April 3 to 9, 2017

Work: If you do not stop working like crazy your health can deteriorate and you will not be able to work. Take advantage and take a break before stress is overcome, enjoy relaxing moments at home or somewhere nice with your love. Some pampering does not come at all badly. You must learn to handle new situations.

scorpio weekly horoscope

Not rushing or slowing down in making the decisions of change is a virtue that few dominate, it is therefore a very good method of some introspection, to calculate the right moment to twist the course towards a better, planned and with a concrete goal. A creative outlet is essential to achieve success in other areas, achieving abundance through natural gifts.

Love: Your intense thirst for conquest can play a trick on you … think what is more important … if you feel like isolating yourself, that will be because insecurity will prey on you. Try to stay calm and think well before you act. He is so confident in his decisions that he will not hesitate to express his feelings. Dubious situations, and give your heart to whoever it is. Stop deceiving yourself with false mirages. Be realistic. Good time to be parents, take great care if you do not want to. Manifest all its splendor, hide nothing, its good streak will be even more beneficial if it shows itself as it is.

Health: A little gymnastics not to fall into the sedentary lifestyle will do very well. Although it is very difficult to put yourself in another’s place, Pisces will try if his partner is from Aries, stop doing it and change the tactics, do not be intrusive. Recover energy lost through failures and sorrows, do not let yourself be blinded by anguish, do not waste time in lamentations, use your time to build. The new changes will tempt you more than the usual routine. Enjoy, learn and conquer this new environment. In the novelties feelings. With friends surprises. Beware of excesses in food. Success is to achieve your dreams, your desires and your life as it deserves.

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