Scorpio Weekly Horoscope October 21st to 27th, 2019

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope October 21st to 27th, 2019

You are far from being at the end of your surprises, this week of October 21, with Uranus in opposition. Your entourage distracts you and your loved ones may well surprise you. Do not hesitate, however, to offer you moments of solitude if the work becomes too intense or monopolizes too much your neurons! Travel and new encounters can also bring you luck: know it!

This week you are totally reassured about the evolution of your relationship. Confidence for confidence, you wear high colors of love. You feel invested in new responsibilities. You will need to commit and make long-term plans. You are finally ready to forget the past, you advance. Finished the regrets, the nostalgia, you are turned towards the future. You are fulfilled.scorpio weekly horoscope october 21 to 27 2019

This generous sky promotes your evolution, it helps you to defend your cause and makes you endearing. This context carries your ambitions but it also asks you for guarantees. It puts you in the best position in the world to play your many assets. You are overflowing with skill and you transform the tests with brio.

The opposing march of Uranus may lead you to revolt or to falsely believe that you can not do certain things. Controlled audacity will be needed to stop these trends. Remember that by learning more serenely on your situation, you can unravel the most complex threads and establish a campaign plan that causes positive changes!

Money and Luck
Free yourself now from old tinsel! Your irrational fears about money soar away from your thoughts that you have a different look at your pecuniary behavior. This week you just have to stoop to pick the flowers of your garden, you have a wallet sufficiently stocked to please you and pay the bills, is not happiness already in these actions inspired by the daily?

You go back to new adventures and nothing (or anyone) should stop you or slow down your momentum. It is under the aegis of a benevolent planetary cohort that you approach the week in beauty and form. This lightens the atmosphere considerably and puts you in orbit. You envision the future differently and this greatly enhances your enthusiasm.

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