How search engines can find anyone on the internet

Search engines where to find anyone on the net

The Internet is a virtual space that is vast and practically unreachable. Lucky for the search engines, which allow us to cover a small part of the network of networks and thus find sources of consultation and a thousand and one answers to our questions, both personally and professionally.

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One of the most frequent searches in any search engine is the one of our name and surnames to see what is said of us in the network. In English it is known like egosurfing, word included in the Oxford Dictionary of English and that is to look for our own name in documents or written or internet means to know if something is said of us, something that makes some sense in the case of figures But less if we are anonymous people.

But it is also useful to search for people on the internet. At present, virtually all companies do so with their candidates to be hired. They look especially at social networks, like Facebook or Instagram, but in the search engines appear many more sources.

If you want to know what is said about you on the net you can go to Google or similar. The same if you want to find out something from someone you just met or whom you want to know more without asking you directly.

But you can also opt for one of the specialized search engines that exist online and show you results from various sources about the name and surname of a particular person.

If Facebook, LinkedIn or Google do not help you, maybe these search engines will be more practical.

Pipl sounds like people, which is what you will find in this search engine.

From the name, surname and / or city or country of residence, Pipl will offer you all the information available on multiple sites, such as Twitter, Badoo, Flickr, Foursquare, etc. It will even give you names of people related to you in some of those networks.

After searching you can customize the parameters and filter by age groups, change the location and even provide more data (phone, email, username) to see if you find something else.

Available in English, French and Spanish, WebMii helps you to find out anyone’s presence on the internet, whether it’s someone you know or popular or just an anonymous, current name.

WebMii will show you photos, tags, social networks and results related to the person to be found or with related contacts.

As in other cases, you can narrow the result to a specific location and, as a novelty, you also have the option to specify related keywords to find that person by their professional profile.

Another powerful search of people is Yasni, who although he does not care much the design of the page of results, does offer information in abundance no matter the origin of who you look for.

You can perform the search and then refine the aim with the automatic filters, which among other things, help limit the geographical area and find similar combinations.

The premise of PeekYou is the same as Pipl. Indicate the name, surname / s and where is that contact and you will be able to look for people in several sources of information. You can also use a username or phone number.

In PeekYou you can filter the results by social networks, public pages, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, web searches and even images.

Although it is very focused to find people in the United States, if you fine tune the search you can find someone from other countries.

Another search engine focused on the United States is Spokeo, which gathers data from various sources to find people by name, social network user, phone or even address.

Whether someone famous or an acquaintance, Spokeo will tell you what you find about that person. Of course, you will have to finalize the search with the advanced filters indicating age range (if you know it), telephone, city.

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