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Top secrets to maintain loyalty are here for you

You have just met the rare pearl, the long-awaited partner, your soul mate, the one that corresponds to all your criteria and which seems in total agreement with all your projects and your expectations. You share many affinities. You have succeeded in conquering it.

You do not intend to let it go anytime soon and you wonder how to keep it? Each of us loves and reacts according to his character. So to answer this question, we will give you some advice by tackling the subject sign by sign and know if you are his style.secret of getting loyal girl friend

Aries: Love it intensely, cover it with tenderness and love words. But do not show yourself too possessive. On the contrary, be self-sufficient and let him have enough freedom and scope to let him go about his hobbies and occupations. Encourage him for anything he dares to do or do. Flatter him, show him that you are proud of him. Do not let the routine settle down. Distract, have humor, be dynamic. Take initiatives and use fantasy to spice up everyday life. Be romantic and attentive, reassure him, go ahead of his expectations. By doing this, you will offer him everything he needs.

Taurus: Build your happiness step by step by focusing on authenticity, sensuality and frankness. Make it enjoyable by being attentive and creating a cozy atmosphere. To avoid conflict, be tactful, do not titillate his jealousy, do not try to change it, or want to regent everything. Deeply attached to his habits, immerse yourself in his routine and get involved in his hobbies. Find common activities and ensure your well-being and comfort. To be sure not to disappoint him, do not show yourself too independent, complicated, or spending. On the contrary, be pragmatic, know the reassurance and prove to him that it can have total confidence in you.

Gemini: To continue to be on the same wavelength, be enamored of freedom and have the taste of adventure. Do not show yourself stuffy, do not try to discover his little secrets, trust him. Flee the routine, arouse his curiosity, show originality in your way of life. Be prepared to face unexpected situations, juggle with character and create a very dynamic intellectual relationship. Know to be tolerant, affectionate and present while leaving him his freedom. Do not be offended if he shows himself distant. By remaining warm and benevolent, he will quickly return to you. Do not talk too quickly about your wish to formalize your union. Show yourself patient.

Cancer: Know the right dosage to deal with its sensitivity and reassure it. Be protective and repeat him untiringly how much you love him. Catch him with sweet words and kind attentions. Prove that he can count on you in all circumstances. Be 100% sincere and listening to him. Interest in his passions and open your door to his family. Do not be offended if sometimes it seems to distance itself. Be patient and be considerate. Once he is truly convinced of your deep attachment, he will definitely come out of his carapace and will not be able to do without you.

Leo: Give him fiery statements, tell him you worship him, give him your full attention. Encourage him in his professional life as well as in his leisure activities. Be proud of him, compliment him. Show yourself independent, sure of yourself and know how to stand up to him. If he roars with anger, do not try to face it. Wait until the storm passes without throwing oil on the fire. Do not complicate your life and set aside your jealousy. Go for laughter and be ready to follow him in all his adventures. Do not hesitate to give your opinion and to jostle it in its habits by proposing to him to try new experiences to two.

Virgo: Above all, do not disturb her in her organization. Adapt to your rhythm, to your everyday life, to your perfectionism and offer them safeguarding landmarks. For your moments of relaxation and leisure, tell her early enough and tell her exactly where you want to take her and what you want to do. Be considerate, attentive, pragmatic and organized. Treat her, teach her to relax and calm her anxiety. Prove to her that she can count on you in all circumstances. Reassure her about your desire to build a stable relationship. Whatever it is, show him that you are sincere and trustworthy. This will help you move forward together and make common projects.

Libra: To keep a Libra, it will be necessary to reassure perpetually by expressing your feelings to him, to continue to arouse his interest and redouble efforts to continue to please him. Show yourself loving and caring. Act with finesse and do not hesitate to compliment her. Be gentle, attentive and do not hesitate to tell her that she is unique and the only person who counts in your eyes. Be honest, diplomatic and avoid raising conflicts. Be imaginative and creative. Do not impose anything complicated and do not show too directive. Maintain a harmonious and joyful climate.

Scorpio: Be sincere, do not play with his feelings. Cultivate the flame of passion and continue to show your feelings with fervor. Valorize it and cover it with love. Make it vibrate every day by bringing a touch of fantasy and anti-conformism. Be active, relevant and enterprising. Do not hesitate, train him to live strong emotions and to share many moments in pairs. Use with subtlety all your charms both physical and intellectual. But be prepared to reassure him as soon as he needs it. Know how to be tactful and do not try to titillate or provoke him.

Sagittarius: Keep sharing multiple common activities without being too sticky. Flee the routine, keep on having fun. Cultivate the taste for the unexpected and the adventure and regularly offer activities or getaways that invite you to travel. Keep conversations enriching and intellectually stimulating. Be energetic, original and motivated to follow you to meet new challenges. Follow the rhythm of his ever-moving life. Surpass yourself to continue to impress. However, to be certain that he does not take his legs around his neck, do not encroach on his freedom and be independent yourself.

Capricorn: To satisfy his demanding nature, prove to him that he can count on your attachment and your sincerity. Do not forget to remind him regularly how much he counts for you. Adapt to your organization. Encourage it in its activities and projects. Flatter him, by sending back a beautiful picture of him and his success. Do not try to cumulate the output at all costs. On the contrary, respect the fact that it is particularly home-loving and organize tender during which you can debate around the subjects that it likes. Continue to be reassuring and demonstrate that you are the ideal partner.

Aquarius: Aquarius deeply needs independence. So do not put pressure on him, do not encroach on his borders. Let him live his life as he sees fit, show him that you too are independent and that your schedule is full. Know how to trust him and let him know he can count on you. Flee the monotony and surprise him daily by regularly offering him new things. Dazzle him with your way of thinking and your attentions. Cultivate humor and good humor. Be ready to follow him in all his adventures. Do not talk to her about marriage right away. Be still a little patient!
Pisces: Very intuitive, Pisces often guesses what the other thinks. So do not cheat with your feelings. Overwhelm him with love and gentle attentions. Maintain a dream part and the passion fire. Continue to encourage moments of complicity. Be able to guess his desires and be receptive to his expectations. Reassure him and bring him the stability he needs. Encourage them to take action and make decisions together. Make plans and show him that he can count on you in all circumstances. Support it in all its initiatives and continue to discover it in all gentleness.


By Mary Emma

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