Seduce with tact, elegance and efficiency according to your zodiac sign

You have just met the person who seems to fit all your criteria. Your heart rages, your eyes sparkle, your emotions are exalted. You do not know much about her, but one thing is certain, she pleases you! In your mind, questions jostle.

Will this encounter lead to a love story? What attitude to have it to succumb? From the first look to the declaration of your feelings, put all your assets on your side to seduce her by taking into account her sign and yours. Are you ready to take the lead? We will see together how best to approach the subject, sign by seduce with tact by astrology signs

Aries: Be inventive, surprise him! With a passionate temperament, taking a little for the center of the world, Aries loves to know how much he counts for the other. So do not show hesitation, act without delay. Do not hesitate to release the great game during your first meeting. Be bold, show that you have confidence in yourself. Interest in him, it will flatter his side a little self-centered. Put humor and dynamism in your remarks. Aries loves people who can defy it mentally then, use your intelligence and engage in great discussions. Aries hates routine and boredom. Offer them original outings, a little more unusual than a simple dinner or a movie night. Do not reveal all your personality from the first day, keep a part of mystery in order to continue to surprise him and that he can not do without you.

Taurus: Sensual, Taurus is a great romantic who needs to build a stable couple, he never engages lightly. Thus, one must be careful not to rush him, let alone to deceive him. Be honest from the start and wisely surround it with well-being, gentleness and tenderness. The Taurus has very good taste and appreciates the beauty in all its forms. Do not be extravagant, pay attention to your image, show yourself refined both in your outfits and in your remarks. Soothing atmospheres are particularly suitable. Organize face-to-face meetings in cozy places, invite them to spend a weekend in the countryside. Like him, know how to appreciate the pleasures of life. To impress and make it crack, pass behind the stove and simmer it good dishes. The Taurus is very reserved and hardly reveals his feelings. So, do not hesitate to take the first step!

Gemini: Gemini is a great seducer who loves to communicate. So do not show yourself shy, pique his interest, throw yourself into big discussions, have some distribution. Gemini is curious about everything and likes it to move. Be enthusiastic and original to train him in multiple outings and to discover new horizons. Take him to a concert, discover a new exhibition, organize an unusual getaway, invite him to accompany you to a party. Be inventive, enterprising, awaken his curiosity. Overflow with enthusiasm and imagination to escape the routine that scares him. Your ingenuity will impress him. Faced with its difficulty in making decisions and its changing character, show yourself reassuring, affectionate, without stifling it. Gemini needs to feel loved and surrounded. Compose with his many friends and welcome his tribe by organizing party-surprises during which he will be the king of the party.

Cancer: Cancer is a romantic, sentimental, sensitive partner who enjoys lasting relationships. Rather reserved, it rarely takes the first step. Thus, you will have to be enterprising while avoiding to rush it. So that it gains your confidence, show yourself patient and sincere from the start. It is useless to want to impose yourself in force and to give it full view. It is therefore all softness and finesse that you must hang the time to approach and understand. Be courteous and considerate. Cancer is attached to small marks of attention, do not hesitate to offer a nice bouquet of flowers or a small gift wink at your first meeting. Not very talkative and demonstrative but very attached to the past, during your discussions, do not hesitate to awaken memories and titillate his interests. To surprise him, show originality, invite him to an unusual place like an alternative coffee or a Japanese restaurant.

Leo: A great seducer, with an overdeveloped ego, the Leo loves to be admired and conscious of the effect it causes. Do not be impressed, get into his game, be confident and enthusiastic. Flatter his ego and do not hesitate to compliment him. He attaches some importance to the physical aspect, know how to stand out without being too extravagant for that. The Leo loves to have fun and needs to be constantly surprised. Be humorous, offer to try new experiences, offer an original gift. To earn extra points, take a look at its many hobbies, its many friends and have the taste of adventure. Dare to reveal your feelings and desires. Anyway, in order to make him succumb, we must succeed in impressing him!

Virgo: Sensitive, affectionate, discreet and reserved, the Virgin is cautious and modest in love. We must therefore approach it with extreme gentleness, and use the finesse and patience to woo it. The Virgo is shy and doubts her capital seduction. It will be up to you to take the first step, without disrupting events. The Virgin is anchored in her habits and hates surprises. So, you do not have to have crazy ideas and want to impress. On the contrary, know how to adapt to your daily life, show yourself protective and benevolent, gain little by little his confidence. To seduce her, take a look at her favorite hobbies, run your intellect and invite her to follow you to a concert, a bookshop or the discovery of heritage, she will love it! For her, an appearance without false note is capital. So, look after your look while being sober.

Libra: This sign is a lover of love and can not stand solitude. Tender, lovable and deeply romantic, Libra appreciates every step of seduction. To charm her, be delicate, multiply small attentions, know how to guess her desires. Libra appreciates the determined people then, do not show you undecided, do not fear to let him know your feelings. While remaining moderate, do not hesitate to take out the great game, use your seductive power dress. Libra has a sense of aesthetics. To make it crack, look after your look and privilege one-on-one in serene and harmonious places. For the outings, offer her to discover a new fashionable place, an original exhibition, organize a dinner in her favorite restaurant or invite her to spend a weekend in an unusual place. To put all your chances on your side, show yourself affectionate, a little blue flower and know how to move.

Scorpio: The Scorpio is an idealist with overflowing feelings that never lives a half-relationship. To seduce him, the challenge is to leave him his share of mystery by avoiding all wanting to know about him. It will therefore be more appropriate to discover your commonalities by speaking, first of all, of you and your interests. However, you will need to find the right dosage so that you do not unveil yourself in one fell swoop and keep a part of the plot so that you will discover it little by little. To earn your trust, be frank, honest and show that you have personality. The Scorpio loves strong emotions. So do not hesitate to try two unique experiences such as a parachute jump or a hike to discover a magnificent landscape. To make him totally crack, do not be afraid to reveal your feelings to him and show yourself as passionate as him.

Sagittarius: Generous and warm, Sagittarius never cheats with feelings and likes stable unions. He loves to laugh and share good times, show humor, be playful and dynamic. Show him that you are comfortable in your sneakers and be able to play cat and mouse to exhilarate him. He appreciates intellectual challenges, get interested in his interests, and debate on topics that both of you are passionate about. He hates routine and has a strong taste for adventure. So, overflowing with ideas to offer him original and playful outings and talk to him about your dreams from distant horizons. Offer it a weekend escape, invite him to an exotic restaurant, to a concert of ethnic music. To satisfy his romantic side, be gentle, pamper him and multiply the little attentions. To make it completely crack, challenge it, show yourself unpredictable and easy.

Capricorn: The Capricorn is reserved, introverted, reveals his feelings only after having sifted and is very selective. To seduce him, it will first be necessary to establish a climate of confidence by showing you gentle and patient. So take the lead without forcing your hand. Very sensitive to goodness of soul and intelligence, he will greatly appreciate the conversations around art, literature, music. Also, look at the topics you are passionate about and focus on your work and interests. Listen to him and slip a tip of humor to make him let go. Very home-loving, little inclined to the fantasy, it is useless to propose to him to accompany you to a crazy evening. On the contrary, far from the noise and the agitation, privilege a meeting one-on-a-head, a dinner in a soothing setting. It is up to you to use finesse to create a beautiful complicity.

Aquarius: Sociable, anti-conformist, charismatic, Aquarius loves its independence and cultivates the paradox. In order not to frighten him, one should not go too fast in the work and avoid the fiery declarations. To be sure to hit him in the eye, it will be appropriate to stand out from others by being original, a bit eccentric and having the taste of adventure. Indeed, Aquarius appreciates everything that comes out of the beaten path. It is therefore useless to envisage a banal exit. On the contrary, be inventive, have spirit, dazzle by organizing an appointment in an unusual place, offer him a new getaway. Very attached to his group of friends, he will appreciate that you sympathize quickly with his entourage and that you present to him your knowledge. Be that as it may, in order to make him succumb, be open-minded, have repartee, know how to dare and astonish him!

Pisces: Emotional, romantic, discreet, intuitive, Pisces struggles to indulge and trust. Follow our coaching lovers: It is up to you to take the lead, being tender, caring and reassuring. To charm him, be open-minded but do not ask him a whole lot of questions. On the contrary, be patient, let it unfold, keep a share of mystery, show yourself a little inaccessible. For your first appointment, avoid noisy places and social parties, opt for a serene, romantic place. Pisces appreciates creativity in all its forms, invite it to a concert, an exhibition, the cinema. To mark additional points, discuss topics of conversation that revolve around art or spirituality. To melt it, use subtlety and softness, create a complicit atmosphere and discover the part of sensibility that is dwelling in you.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.