SEO Optimize images by following these 6 helpful tips

Optimize images for SEO by following these 6 helpful tips

When performing SEO On Page tasks we can not forget the images, the visual elements are very important for the positioning of sites in search engines, of course in Google.

For today I have prepared a series of tips that can be useful when optimizing images for SEO.

In total there are 6 tips, many of them already well known but that should be reviewed from time to time so as not to forget to put them into practice.

optimize images

Illustrating the articles of a blog is necessary for content marketing and SEO, does not serve any image and will need to devote some time to select the most appropriate.

Optimize images for SEO

These are the 6 tips that will help you optimize images for SEO, remember that this is an important task that you should perform on a regular basis.
Compress images

Too heavy images slow down the site load, this can bore your visitors and also does not like Google who prefers pages that load fast.

Therefore, it may be necessary to compress images that are quite heavy. You can use free online tools like TinyPNG, Compressor or Compressnow.
Most suitable format

The most popular and suitable formats for images on the web are JPG and PNG. You can convert other formats to them using ImageConverter and Online-Convert.
Free images

If you can use your own images, as long as they are original and quality, much better. Otherwise, you can use free images to avoid infringing on copyright.

Pixabay and Unsplash are two banks of free images where you can find thousands of them.
Create your own images

In some cases you can create your own images, there are tools to easily create all kinds of images without having to be a designer.

Two examples of these tools are Canva or Desygner.
Resize images

It is desirable that the dimensions of the images employed be adequate and proportionate. That’s why there are times when we will need to use applications to resize images, such as Easy Resize or ResizePic.
SEO for images

I have left for the end the most important aspect, look after the SEO for the images. Give them a descriptive title, do not forget to fill in the ALT and Title of the images, including the keywords.

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