How each sign gets angry and what to do to remedy it

How each sign gets angry and what to do to remedy it

Be careful when Aries gets mad! it is a sign Don Passionate and when he gets angry, Troy explodes!

If the fight is with you, do not try to stop it because … It will not stop and will tell you (or shout).angry zodiac signs

If the thing is serious Waters! Aries does not know diplomacy at those times. Since he discharged all the anger, he begins to analyze the situation and come to his senses, until that moment you will be able to talk to him and he will be able to apologize and arrive at a solution.

What to do: Leave it alone, your presence will remind you of problems of the past and continue discussing them, as the situation gets cold they can talk. The Aries are not usually spiteful.

The bulls have a lot of patience and are usually calm and endure a lot, but if the drop comes pouring glass Go away! Because they explode in a way you never thought they could do it. Do not try to get him out of his way, seriously.

When they get angry, they usually reach physical violence to release all the accumulated tension, however, even if it is burning it tends to maintain a bit of rationality.

Once the anger is unloaded, do not try to approach him, leave him alone, he will take the time to calm down because his anger takes a long time to disappear.

If you want to fix everything, he will search you for dialogue, if you do not want to fix it. Beware! Taurus can hold resentments For life!

It is a very happy sign that before exploding makes jokes! (Between joke and joke …) But once it reaches the limit, it does not keep happiness! His best weapon is the word, so he does not hesitate to start a fight with his best arguments, tones and volumes.

The battle may be a chaos but something curious about Gemini is that most likely I do not even remember it the other day! It is not spiteful or resentful, if the thing got very ugly, it erases you from your life and it’s over.

After the tension he prefers to solve the problems with a calm dialogue.

The most sensitive and intuitive, Cancer is like a sponge, everything that happens in its environment absorbs it and makes it its own.

If you get angry for small things just wait a bit to pass him or hug him, give him a smile or things like that to infect him with a positive attitude, rather than words to Cancer you have to treat them with gestures are very perceptive, well that if your apologies are sincere you will forgive them without problems, instead if you feel them false … Forget it!

Now, if the problem is big Oh! Better run … Cancer can explode being very violent.

Cancer usually moves away to calm down or take revenge without you noticing.

If you want to approach again, you must do it with patience and love, providing security.

The little lions do not like to get angry, they want to enjoy life with a smile on their face.

This sign is egocentric, proud and vain, when they do some flattery admit it and show more, likes to draw attention and does not like to be excluded or ridicule.

It bothers them that they take the contra on issues that they know are right, their anger is visible, physical and very aggressive, as well as lionesses taking care of their young. They attack in front but they are not spiteful, for them it would be giving too much importance to who hurt them.

If he wants you he will forget his anger but if he does not … He will hate you and talk to you it would be a very bad idea … Stay away and when he calms down (That will happen in a long time) you will be able to reconcile and save your life.

This is a sign that seeks perfection and stresses with a facility that do not invent! Peer does not get angry, he is more likely to be angry with himself than with others.

He understands all people with great logic and understands that each of us must take charge of our own problems.

However, the lack of respect, consideration, the breach of the word or the lack of ethics make it explode!

Virgo always appears calm during the conflict but when the rage takes over completely ZAZ! You can throw a punch to the table or something like that.

It is better to leave him alone and his anger will pass quickly.

When you are already relaxed, it is best to explain the how and why of the situation, you must give your reasons and relevant clarifications.

It is not vengeful.

Almost does not get angry, his taste for the right forms, diplomacy and harmony prevent violence from seizing him, Libra Flee!

However, it is usually the mediator of other conflicts seeking balance.

Libra usually smile and behave as calmly as possible most of the time, their anger comes when there are injustices or when they ignore it.

He does not react with fury, he usually thinks before acting.

Their anger lasts very little but if they consider that you have no forgiveness, you will never see them again.

Self control is their word, they are perfect actors when they hide that inside they are boiling!

If a comment does not like or if you feel jealous, just press your lips and turn to ignore other side with your silence. He prefers to leave because he does not lose his calm, if not he speaks.

You probably will not even know that they are angry until they avenge, they are very intuitive and they locate the weak point of their enemies to defeat it. They do not settle for winning. They want to destroy the enemy!

It may take a year to forgive and forget.

The Sagittarians do not spend much time angry but when they are, they are to be feared! They are very expressive and clearly you can see them in the face, immediately BAM! It attacks where it hurts most even though it does not want to do much damage.

His outbursts of fury are quick, intense and unexpected, anything that frustrates his plans angers them and can unleash their anger.

The best thing is to keep quiet if you do not want to get even more furious, if it is not so fast it will pass quickly, if the matter is serious let him take out all his fury and soon after you can clarify what has been left pending.

Despite their mysterious and distant appearance they get angry easily because they are very sensitive, they are reserved and they like to have control of their emotions, for that reason you will not even notice if you are hurt or angry.

For Capricorn to explode it must be something so serious and when it starts to argue everyone leaves it quiet!

Capricorn does not want explanations or apologies or beautiful words, they are practical and know how to calm themselves.

Reading, walking or listening to music help you to get rid of tension, and calmly think about what happened and get everything clear.

If he feels more hurt, he tries hard not to devote time or energy to the fact, but he keeps resentment and resentment.

You can control your emotions very well, you know how to handle group discussions very well.

You will hardly see him angry but when he does he will not lose his sanity.

More than enrage, aquarium has sudden starts, type as I hit the door and I go, things like that, you just have to stay quiet or you will go very wrong.

He is unpredictable, he does not like fights, when he fights he needs time to cool off alone, and when we say it alone is: They do not answer the phone, they do not receive mail or they will open the door if they want to fix it.

He will seek you in his time to dialogue.

The little fish prefer to avoid problems, they are very sweet and try to be like that in complicated situations, when they feel in danger. Escape! At least in your head, when things get complicated Go away! because it’s going to explode.

The angers of this sign are very violent but unexpected, as well as when the typical sweet boy turns out to be a madman when they find him the limit and they all stay like this Ö

Thus, they can make the most hurtful comments you can imagine.

It can be the most compassionate sign but in the same way the most inconsiderate with who deserves it.

You must stay away but soon Pisces will pass;) You can talk about it or just forget it.

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