‘Star Wars’ will have the inevitable parody of the creators of ‘Epic Movie’

‘Star Wars’ inevitable parody of the creators of ‘Epic Movie’

Much has taken, Writers and directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, known for performing parodies such as ‘Epic Movie’ (2007), ‘Vampires Suck’ (2010) and ‘The Starving Games’ 2013), have a new project centered on the saga ‘Star Wars’ whose peculiar title is ‘Star Worlds Episode XXXIVE = MC2: The Force Awakens The Last Jedi Who Went Rogue’. The problems that can cause at the box office.

actors in new star wars

One of the producers, Paul Hanson, states that “Jason and Aaron form a powerful duo that time and again have shown that they are totally in connection with what the audience loves. Their daring approach to popular culture has more than excited to address the world’s most popular franchise, with them two leading us to a very, very far away galaxy. ”

The shooting is scheduled to begin in autumn, so there is no cast or release date. Taking into account the previous work of this duo it is evident the type of comedy that we are going to find, a terrible script loaded with easy and eschatological jokes, with numerous references to other type of films, series or popular events. In short, a mishmash where they put everything in the hope that something works.

No, I do not think Friedberg and Seltzer have the talent to squeeze the most humorous and ridiculous aspects of ‘Star Wars’, and it’s a shame because there’s a lot to laugh about, as Saturday Night Live or Mel Brooks has shown in’ The ‘Spaceballs’ (1987), whose sequel remains unstoppable despite the wishes of the veteran filmmaker. That is the project that should go ahead.

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