Sudden infant death syndrome or Crib Death is more common in the cold months

One of the biggest fears parents have when they have their baby is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as Crib Death. The reasons for that are not yet clear, although they are getting closer to finding them (at least, more and more related factors are known).

infant died crib

However, it is not yet known why it does not mean that nothing can be done to prevent it, because when studying the deaths of babies, we can find common factors to avoid.

One of them happens especially in winter, with the cold, and so this warning today: Sudden infant death syndrome is more frequent in the cold months.
When we shelter them more than they need

The risk of sudden death increases in winter because we do not always shelter them properly. There are parents who think they are colder than they really are and hold them more (or a lot more) than they actually need, and that puts a baby at risk because he begins to breathe deeper, Reach a point where you suffer a heat stroke, or apnea and stop breathing.

The recommendation on this subject, therefore, is as follows:
Do not use covers, cushions, cushions or blankets in the crib.

The crib should have as few things as possible. The protectors increase the danger of suffocation of the baby and of entrapment and for that reason they are no longer used.

Stuffed toys, which some parents might think might give them warmth, are dangerous because of the risk of suffocation, and cushions and duvets have the same problem: they are soft, can move around and can end up on the baby’s head.

So it is recommended that the baby sleep alone in pajamas, without covering, having a pleasant room temperature.

If this is not possible, if it is cold in your pajamas, then it is recommended to use something that covers the baby but not his head (a light sleeping bag), or bedding placed too low, so that the baby sleeps The feet of the crib, with the amount of bedding enough to cover only the body. So, as it grows, the bedding is getting higher and higher.
Do not have cushions or soft clothing that can end up in your head, in case of a collection

From three months onwards, according to the studies, the risk of sudden death is lower if the baby sleeps with the parents, it must be clear that there are no added risks in that bed.

Make sure the mattress is firm, that there are no loose cushions that can end up on the baby and that the duvet or Nordic can not even cover the baby completely (in any case, it is better to use quilts than duvet or Nordic).

Finally, that the temperature of the room is adequate and not exaggerated, so that in any case the baby does not spend too much heat.

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