Which superhero represents you according to your zodiac sign

Which superhero represents you according to your zodiac sign

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, among others, have their correlate in the designs of the stars.

It is no mystery to anyone the great variety of superheroes that exists in comics, as well as their differences both physical and in their ways of being. The personality of these characters, as well as their accessories, layers or shields, gives specific values to each one of them.zodiac superhero

Their search for the common good, their temperament and to a large extent their superpowers, are the distinguishing elements of these fictional characters with the rest of the mortals.

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Astrologically speaking, each one of us can feel identified by a few characters, both heroes and villains.

Aries | Hulk
Without thinking “, Bruce Banner becomes Hulk when he gets angry, a characteristic similar to that of people of Aries sign, who in many occasions and despite their great intelligence, are slaves of their emotions, being exposed to radical changes of mind to root of certain stress circumstances.

Taurus | Spiderman
Peter Parker is the name of the character that after being bitten by a radioactive spider becomes Spiderman, who like the people of Taurus sign, is seductive, altruistic and pacifying, as well as a great seller of his own image. One of its main characteristics is related to its “intense inner monologue” and its ability to think things before saying them.

Gemini | Flash
Sympathetic, enthusiastic and cooperative like every Geminian. Those are just part of the characteristics of Jay Carrick, a university student who after inhaling a chemical substance adopts superpowers that transform it into Flash. This high-speed superhero uses a metal helmet with wings, a design similar to the god Mercury of the Romans who is regent of the Gemini sign. As well as the fictional character, the people of this sign possess great mental speed so they often find it difficult to be understood.

Cancer | Wonder Woman
Fighter and with a message of peace and love to the world. These are qualities of people with cancer signs and Wonder Woman. This superheroine knows how to battle and develop in a male world without losing any of its attributes.

Leo | Superman
Sure and with a lot of strength to surpass himself. Despite its strength, Superman has a duality, represented by Clark Kent, which tends to humanize him, which leads him to always be willing to help whoever needs it no matter what the sacrifice that means. Their superpowers consider a very leonine characteristic of absorbing energy from the Sun to become stronger.

Virgo | Ironman
Elegant character, often arrogant, but with great mental attitudes, are people of virgo sign that have their representation in Tony Stark, who gives life to Ironman, a successful character although somewhat arrogant. Perfectionist and often narcissistic, Tony Stark always prepares mentally, anticipating any situation.

Libra | Green Lantern
Hal Jordan, who gives life to Green Lantern, is chosen thanks to his good heart to wear the ring of peace and justice. Apparently normal and somewhat fearful, the young Hal manages to materialize his thoughts and manifest them instantly. The power of his ring pushes him to fight to restore peace and justice on the planet, an essential feature of people of Libra.

Scorpion | Batman
Like the Scorpios, Batman takes refuge in his own fears and from there he takes his power and magnifies himself. All he achieves is thanks to his skill, tenacity, and a mental attitude that allows him to reach his goals. Without superpowers that differentiate him from the rest of the mortals, Batman is capable of harming his opponents through other means, mainly, ingenuity, which leads him to stand out at all times.

Sagittarius | Wolverine
With a tendency to block the past and deny conflicts, the Sagittarians are reflected in Wolverine, a superhero from a mutant race that has the characteristics of a wolf and is always young and able to regenerate its wounds. Its main disadvantage is not remembering the past and avoiding any traumatic situation.

Capricorn | Captain America
Organizer innate and with great ability to always focus on the goal at any time regardless of the circumstances, the Capricorn sign are represented by Captain America, a superhero who stands out for his noble and honest spirit, his intolerance to injustice and abuses of power.

Aquarius | Thor
Aquarius people have their representative nothing more and nothing less than Thor, a man of an extradimensional race of beings considered gods. Like the Aquarians, Thor has the ability to absorb energy and travel to other dimensions although sometimes he can lose the north. Easy to provoke, often arrogant, Thor believes that everyone has the ability to improve and be rescued from themselves.

Pisces | Aquaman
Aquaman is inspired by Neptune or Poseidon and its main characteristic is its mental capacity to connect with the rest, which allows it to communicate freely with all the inhabitants that surround it, in this case with the marine world. This superhero, when angry, uses the trident of Poseidon with which he can generate all kinds of catastrophe.