Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 23rd June 2022

leo daily horoscope today thursday 23rd june 2022

Pluto represents rebirth, transformations, spiritual growth, and an obsession with power in astrology. For Pluto in Capricorn, it’s about having the power to do what you want, when you want. But you won’t be as selfish about this aspect as other zodiac signs. For you it is more about your image and maintaining a certain … Read more

Leo Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th June 2022

leo weekly horoscope predictions 20th to 26th june 2022

This week of June 20, you radiate with your words and your newfound self-confidence! What a delight to savor rich and easy exchanges with your interlocutors, whether they are within your professional sphere or more intimate. Forget your misunderstandings of the past, with favorable Mercury you are listened to and respected in your ideas and … Read more

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 18th June 2022

leo daily horoscope for today saturday june 18th 2022

You will manifest a great intuition, because Mercury in the 12th house will allow you to be guided more by your intuition or feelings, than by logical or rational thought. The energy of the moment will increase your reserve, making you very cautious and stealthy. This type of withdrawal can bring you very important ideas … Read more

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th June 2022

leo daily horoscope for today friday june 17th 2022

All your beautiful reflections, your interesting theories on existence, you share them a little with the others. At one time or another, you have to compare your opinions with those of others. This is the right time as far as you are concerned. You feel sure of yourself and have enough responses to argue until … Read more