Leo Horoscope Today Monday 1st May 2017

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Leo Horoscope Today Predictions Monday 1st May 2017 If you are restless and do not know how you are going to say something delicate to your partner, expect a better moment because now you could be a little incongruous and talk inappropriate things. Do not spoil your love affair with an ugly word. As for … Read more

Leo Weekly Horoscope 1st May to 7th May 2017

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Leo Weekly Horoscope Predictions 1st May to 7th May 2017 The Leo will see their week marred due to ongoing couple discussions. The constant intervention of third parties in your relationship is causing your partner to distance you. He or she is right, people who interfere all the time in the couple belong to your … Read more

Leo Monthly Horoscope for May 2017

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Leo May 2017 Horoscope and predictions This month of May Leo, the most important will be the profession, work, love and travel abroad. Lucky numbers May 2017: 3,7,11,17,21,24,28. It is time to use all your skills and knowledge for your professional growth or your social relationships. However, you must also stop in the way, stand and … Read more

Leo Horoscope Today Sunday 30 April 2017

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Leo Horoscope Today Predictions Sunday 30 April 2017 If you open your heart spontaneously and do not close yourself to the possibility of being happy you will reap what you sow because you are on the threshold of a great transformation. You will receive different offers and propositions that you must study carefully because if … Read more

Leo Horoscope Today Saturday 29 April 2017, Romantic Tone

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Leo Horoscope Today Predictions Saturday 29 April 2017 The lunar phase of this day envelops you with that romantic tone that helps you find what you once lost because of the little attention you gave him. Mercury continues to be retrograde and there may be some setbacks that prevent you from doing things as planned, … Read more

Leo Horoscope Today Friday 28 April 2017

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Leo Horoscope Today Predictions Friday 28 April 2017 There are good planetary movements around you that favor reception and increase of money, but you must be patient not to overwhelm others with unwelcome insistence. Your word is now at its best. Although something has not gone as you want, today you feel inspired and happy, … Read more

Leo Luck Today

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If you want to make a profit in a short time and start to operate your economic projects you must be very flexible and not let yourself be carried away by the imprudence that sometimes characterizes your fire element sign. A friendly person will invite you to participate in a good business between both.

Unpleasant comments about someone you know will reach your ears. Some unusual events may occur today, but they will make you doubt the integrity of the person in question. However, keep in mind that at the beginning it will not be very clear what is happening and therefore will circulate many unfounded rumors. Wait to know the truth before you form an opinion.


Leo Luck Today Horoscope Predictions

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Leo Luck, Lucky Numbers and Fortune Today

Or maybe you need to repair something in your car. If you can not do it alone, ask a professional to do it.

Do not let people who do not report good things make you have a bad day, it is not good that you are always aware of those who do not give you good times in your life, you could start to fall into personal sadness if you do this.

Fire element
STONES: Agate Fire – Amber – Eye of Tiger – Ruby
Today’s lucky numbers : 3, 14, 19, 34, 40, 41

This comes well aspected, especially in work and money. Money will be no problem until October. You will remain in the same job and will not seek to change. There will be strong chances of closing deals abroad, which will require some days of over-demand. Money will come from everywhere because you like to diversify. You will earn a good salary with your work. You must be very cautious about investments, reflect and consult.

The effort of the years that preceded this moment will be rewarded because of the obtaining of that diploma that finally allows them to work in what they like most. In the case of those who are already received, there will be a consolidation that will make them worth both sacrifice and such a long wait.

The energy will accompany the lions until the third quarter of the year, at which time you will feel drainage of the same and, as a result, it will cost a lot to recover and regain the rhythm of the previous months. However, this will not bring you real problems at work beyond the fatigue that was already accustomed to due to the bustle of previous years.

Money will be no problem until October. There will be strong chances of closing deals abroad, which will require some over-demanding days, but soon they will pass and return to their almost sabbatical year. From the tenth month of the year, we will have to pay attention not to get into endless accounts that never know if they can finish paying or not.

Be wary of anything that gives you too easy and quick winnings. In love, everything you want can be decisive.

Number of Luck: 04-19-41

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Leo Work Horoscope Today

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Leo Work and Job Predictions Today The tenacity and constancy typical of your Virgo sign will bear fruit, but you must qualify them with your dose of optimism to avoid falling into depressive situations in your work. What does not work now will prove to be very effective and profitable for you. You probably face … Read more

Leo Love Horoscope Today

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Leo Health Horoscope Predictions

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