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Sagittarius Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Traits

Very energetic and curious, Sagittarius is the most adventurous zodiac sign. His mind is open, philosophical, and the way of seeing life motivates him to search for the meaning of life. Since he is extroverted, optimistic and enthusiastic it can be almost impossible to hurt this powerful sign. He loves change, which is essential for Sagittarius to feel good.

Sagittarius is a sign of fire – your thoughts are transformed into concrete actions and you are able to strive hard to achieve your goals. Like other signs of fire, you have the need to be constantly in touch with the world, to experience everything that is possible. It is not in your nature to stay at home and wait for something to happen to you. If something is necessary, he will take the initiative.

The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the largest planet of the zodiac. As Jupiter is the engine of happiness and destiny, it is not uncommon for Sagittarius to always be lucky. The influence of Jupiter is very strong in the area of construction and expansion, so for Sagittarius, t is very important that the volume of your waist is not the only thing that expands throughout your life. His enthusiasm has no limits, so he will possess an extraordinary sense of humor and a remarkable curiosity.

Sagittarius likes to play and loves to have fun with his lovers. He is passionate, expressive and willing to try almost anything. The couple that adapts to this sign should have very similar characteristics. For Sagittarius, there is a very fine line between sex and love. Since you like change and variety, you can have a lot of different facets of your room. But as for love, the thing is totally different. When a relationship begins, Sagittarius is loyal, faithful and dedicated. A couple of this sign must be intellectual, sensitive and expressive in order to maintain a stable relationship with him.

“Visualization” is the keyword for Sagittarius. When you have something in your mind you will do everything possible to fulfill it. Simple, do not waste words in vain and it seems that they always know exactly what to say in each situation. They are excellent sellers, and even more so when this involves traveling. When Sagittarius has an idea in mind, he will work day and night to achieve it.

It is favored by a wide variety of jobs and dynamic environments. The most suitable professions that suit this free-spirited person who is Sagittarius are, travel agent, photographer, explorer, artist, ambassador, and import/export.

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