Your Tarot of the day is The Devil

devil card tarotThis letter comes to represent the forces of nature, both in its positive as in the negative, and in turn, the antagonism between good and evil. Which contains more mystery.

The card is represented by a devil, with wings and helmet, who wields a sword with his left hand. At his feet are two daemons tied by the neck with a rope. The winged devil represents to some the figure of a wise angel fallen in misfortune and evil, who sows evil, who moves by interests and by instinct.

On the other hand, for others, he is only a devil who sows evil. His helmet is interpreted as a bellicose sign, meaning he wants to get everything even by force. The sword represents a phallic symbol and power. The fact that he makes his tongue and salute is interpreted as mockery.

94+ Profound Devil Quotes x
94+ Profound Devil Quotes

It is leaning on the moon, the hidden world, destiny, the most basic instincts. In this letter are represented almost all the colors, which gives a very broad aspect and many possibilities in the interpretation. The two devils represent bad temptations.

The Devil points out in the tarot that success will be achieved in the material aspect, as long as the dictates of reason are followed, since those who follow their instincts without thinking rationally, can become a slave to becoming fatal.

On the love plane, it represents deceit and superficiality in relationships.

Regarding his reading, if it comes out is fearsome, because it is a rather dismal letter, which points out situations full of drama and pain, evil tendencies, disorder, bad intentions, violence, disaster.

It can mean manifestation of occult powers and strange forces, so if this letter comes together with the person who consults, you have to be very prudent.

You can also talk about hereditary diseases.

If the Devil goes upside down, this inversion of the letter is not so bad, it means liberation from the forces of passion, and principle of spiritual understanding.

It also points out that the diseases that may be in progress at the time are being referred.

The key words that define this letter are: pure energy, confused action, passion, sexuality.

If you leave next to La Torre, be careful because it indicates ideas of suicide.

If you leave next to La Torre, be careful because it indicates ideas of suicide.

This letter is astrologically related to Leo.

Success in everything related to the material plane.

Sex, money, power, wealth if it comes right to us. But it warns us of possible excesses that will not be at all positive in our lives.

When inverted, it means failure, lack of money.

It represents: The lower instincts, the passions, the difficulties in confrontations, the relations of forces, the misfortunes.

Kabbalistic He associates it with the letter Samech, with the planets Mars * and Saturn and with the number 60 **

They esoterically associate it with Sagittarius. The 6 (15 = 1 + 5 = 6). It is of the element Fire and the season of Summer.

In numerology it represents the number 15: Discover the hidden and remove the bad. Innocence and candor.

Meaning in the three planes:

Spiritual plane: Search for perfection, motivation.
Psychic plane: Intuitive impulse, tendency to imitate the divine.
Material plane: The law of entropy, the progressive exhaustion of energies.

Her interpretation: always conditioned by the letters that surround her

As a final result: You will achieve your goals, but reflect on the best way to reach your goal.
As a person: Passionate, interested, ambitious, very attached to money and instincts, unscrupulous. Person who tries by all means to impose his will and dominate the situation.
As situation: Situation passionate, excessive, intense, exultant, situation with an incredible emotional and energetic load in which all means are good in order to achieve its goal. Situation of relationship of forces and confrontations.
Love: Passionate loves with little affective and romantic content, your partner will try to dominate you or will always be measuring with you … Unstable couple relationships and continuous fights.
Health: Good health, regeneration of the circulatory system, liver and pancreas.
Work: Interesting period in the work, appearance of new opportunities, if you have to negotiate acts shrewdly, if you have a sexual relationship at work will bring you big problems.
Money: Good time for investments, to distribute profits and to negotiate contracts or agreements.

Inverted position:

Love: Loving disappointments, fights, forced loneliness, rethinking in your couple life with fear of rupture.
Health: Danger of catching any sexual disease, venereal diseases.
Work: Bad labor relations for awakening jealousy, it is not time to work changes and to negotiate any contract, it is time to be prudent.
Money: It can be ripped off or betrayed, do not invest, distrust everyone even from your partner.